Good Morning
Mr Crodino


Why so formal?
Please call me Crodino.
Or even Blonde,
if you prefer.

Alright Mister... I beg your pardon, Alright Blonde. Shall we start the interview? Would you like to start by telling us something about yourself?

I’ll be happy to! Well, my story begins in 1965. At first, my parents couldn’t agree on what name to give me. My father liked exotic names, so initially they were going to give me a Spanish-sounding name. On the other hand, in honour of her straw-yellow hair, my mother had already fondly nicknamed me Biondino. In the end, they found a compromise and chose Crodino. It took them one year to decide!

Wow, 1965!

And yet, you are so modern.

This is because I’ve
gained a lot of
experience and I have
an authentic soul that
never ages with time.

However, the anecdote about your name is so interesting. Your story started with a little disagreement, but, eventually, they chose a name that made you famous all around the world.

Actually, I think that what makes me famous is not exactly my name, but my complexity. I am not an easy guy, you know? I am the result of a careful selection of ingredients, a non-alcoholic drink that’s aware of his unique flavour. Perhaps this is why I am loved across so many countries.

An Italian man of the world, from what you’re saying.

Yes, but it’s not just about being international. I’d say I am more… eclectic. They call me for an aperitif with friends sitting at a café, as well as to be the opener of grandma’s Sunday lunch. People want me at the end of a day’s work, after they’ve loosened their ties, but also during an afternoon spent studying to take your eyes off the books. I bring everyone together, no matter who and how old they are, whether they have simple or complex tastes: they sit down with me and relax, they feel at ease, they enjoy themselves.

Earlier, you mentioned your several ingredients. Can you tell us what they are?

Obviously, I can’t reveal my secret recipe. Secrets are a little tricky in that if you tell them, they cease to be so. But I can confidentially tell you the names of a few spices: cardamom, cloves, coriander and nutmeg. I’d rather maintain strict silence on the herbs that make up my unique mix, but you can guess, if you want.

Uhm, a secret mix of spices. Very interesting. Is there any other peculiar aspect of your story that you’d like to tell us, Crodino?

As with many important things in life, time is a key factor. My mixture of herbs and spices is left to age for many months before it is bottled. After all, this is why I think I get along with so many people: I am complex in terms of flavour but I am simple in terms of service.

I make
everyone happy.

So, it’s about spices from all around the world and long infusion times like an alcoholic distillate. Is there anything else?

Well, I’m Italian, a fizzy type. That’s my distinctive feature, like a mole above your lip, a gap between your teeth or a pronounced nose. Fizziness is definitely my signature: that effervescent feeling on the palate that holds together the rest of the things I mentioned. First, you feel the citrus notes (and that’s thanks to the orange slice in my glass as well), then the spices, and finally a slightly bitter taste. I am something that you would define as “bittersweet.” And on top of all this – BAM! – you get that fizziness at the back of your tongue. You wouldn’t expect that. And it surprises you.

You think people get surprised?

Coming up with something able to amaze people wasn’t easy at all, but I know how to make myself noticed. And I do it my own way: a nice full yellow-orange colour, the bubbles, the complexity on the palate, the easy service, a catchy nickname. I’ve worked a lot to become what I am. I’ve matured a lot over time, but do you know what the real secret is?

You’ve told us more secrets than I anticipated! Now I’m expecting an ending with a bang.

The real secret is... surprise! The ability to please even the most demanding palates, always looking for a complex, unique flavour.

And here i am,
ready for them.

The Spiritheque