The Spiritheque


Keeping with a tradition that has been a part of our company since its inception, in collaborating with the world of art and culture, we still work with a team of passionate artists from all over the world who work on the stories and the illustrations for The Spiritheque project, offering stories that are always different, together with graphic renditions that go hand-in-hand with the narration styles.

For the stories

  • Francesco Muzzopappa

    He's the author of several successful novels, also translated abroad. Notably, he has written stories for Il Corriere della Sera, Style and Linus.

  • Fabio Bergamini

    Born in Lima in 1981, is an Italian comics buff. He started writing during his design studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan, collaborating with the magazine Interni and Il Piccolo Teatro of Milan.

  • Eleonora Gomez de Teran

    Born in 1989, writing has always been part of her life, as a freelance journalist and blogger. She works in advertising but has never given up creative writing and the penning of narrative texts.

For the illustrations

  • Giuliano Cangiano (Kanjano)

    Professionally known as Kanjano, Giuliano is a Sicilian illustrator with a flair for narration. Over the past few years, he has created illustrations for comics, graphic journalism books, satire cartoons in newspapers (Corriere della Sera) as well as illustrated books. He’s also served as the director of “Mamma!”, a graphic journalism and satire magazine.

  • Matteo Berton

    Born in Pisa, he works in Bologna. His trait is a fusion of shapes and compositions. He has received several awards in Italy and abroad. He has worked for The New York Times, The New Yorker, Wired, and Monocle.

  • Laurent Meriaux
    (Lili des Bellons)

    He lives between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand in France. His artistic references are rooted in medieval, African and Japanese art. After obtaining a Digital Director degree, he decided to go back to his great passion for illustration.

  • Jeromy Velasco

    He lives in Los Angeles. Thanks to his style he has conquered notable audiences, with works displayed at the Museum of American Illustration of New York, and then again in Chicago and Los Angeles. His public works such as the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, New York are well known around the world.

  • Steven Noble

    Considered one of the 200 best illustrators in the world, his style is renowned at global level, from Japan to Europe. His works have been featured on Communication Art Magazine. He’s also known for the Zathura book cover.

  • Song Kang

    Song Kang is an Illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. She combines her interests in organic forms and textural details to create dreamlike images. Flat or dimensional, her works are environments where the viewer is encouraged to explore deeper within the subtleties.

  • Massimiliano Aurelio

    After having worked for several years as an art director, in 2011 he started devoting himself to the art of illustration, collaborating with primary advertising agencies and publishing houses like Mondadori, as well as magazines such as Wired and Rolling Stone.

  • Lalo Huesca

    An illustrator and publicist born in the Mexican lands of shamans, mysticism and eclecticism that led him to be inspired by magical realism and vintage comics, making his works transcend borders by telling stories that intertwine the mythical dimension with everyday life.

  • Ale + Ale

    ALE+ALE are Alessandro Lecis and Alessandra Panzeri. They’ve been working together since 2000 and live in Paris. For years they’ve been depicting possible realities using old newspaper clippings, implausible drawings and dreams. They received several awards and have been selected for international exhibitions and competitions including the Bologna Book Fair, the Biennial of Illustration “llustrarte” in Lisbon, and the Salon du livre in Paris. The pair continues to produce work for publishing, newspapers and advertising with clients in Italy, France, Spain and the US.

  • Marianna Tomaselli

    Marianna lives in Milan. After a couple of years spent as a fashion designer, she worked as an art director and creative at Revolution Department, an animation and video studio. Now she’s a freelance illustrator and art director, mainly working in the advertising and fashion sectors. She’s collaborated with national and international agencies as well as famous brands such as Nike, Valentino and CNN.

  • Gabriele Brombin

    Illustrator and graphic designer from Milan, his work ranges from illustrations for brands such as Nike and The North Face, to cover artworks for Italian and international music artists and concept art for indie games. He self-published the sci-fi graphic novel "The Sand Sea and the Plateaux of Mirrors".

  • Ale Giorgini

    Ale Giorgini started drawing when he was child and he never quits. Today he works as illustrator, collaborating with clients such as Armani, Adidas, Jeep, Puma, Disney, Warner Bros, Opinel, Kinder Ferrero, Fidenza Village, Foot Locker, Emirates and publishing in magazines and newspapers such as The Hollywood Reporter, Boston Globe, Chicago Magazine, The Official Ferrari Magazine, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Corriere della Sera. He participated in exhibitions and events around the world: Tokyo, New York, Zurich, Wien, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Annecy, Manchester even if as soon as he can he loves to spend time in Vicenza (Italy), his hometown. He won the Good Design Award by the Chicago Museum of Design (2017) and was selected by Society of Illustrators in New York (2015, 2017). From 2013 to 2018 he has been director of Illustri Festival.

For the translations

  • Bryan Levandowski

    Is an American writer based in London. He splits his time between working on a variety of creative marketing projects around the world and writing his novel, a work of love and procrastination. He’s contributed to such publications as BlackBook and Monocle.

  • Massimo Caregnato

    Is a translator and interpreter specialising in advertising, marketing and publishing. After completing international studies in Lisbon and Edinburgh, he started lecturing at the University of Trieste. His translation work has been featured in several renowned institutions around the world, including the Venice Film Festival.