The Spiritheque

The Project

The history of Campari Group began in 1860 with the creation of the unmistakable red aperitif created by liquorist Gaspare Campari.

Today, the Group’s portfolio includes over fifty brands, distributed in approximately 190 countries throughout the world. A spirit is not merely a liquid. It also represents the identity and history behind it: faces, lives, people and places that have contributed to the building of the brand, up to making it well-known at a regional or even global scale.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Gaspare’s son Davide Campari launched a number of collaborations with the best contemporary artists of the time to help him turn Campari into a distinctive icon, as it is still recognized today. The Spiritheque is part of this path first created in the time of Davide’s avant-garde spirit as it gives life to a real cultural amplifier, renovating the association between Campari Group and the world of art and culture in an innovative way that’s in line with its origins. Halfway between the rediscovery of a secret archive and a virtual art gallery, The Spiritheque tells about places and people, mysteries and fascinating anecdotes from the worlds of its brands.

The creativity of the artists, individually selected as belonging to the countries of origin of each of the brands featured in the stories, will offer an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of eclectic San Francisco, birthplace of Skyy Vodka, or to ‘meet’ an unusual Davide Campari, or even discover the origin of the name of Grand Marnier.

The Spiritheque is an evocative journey beyond the borders of time and space that transports readers to the lands of each brand’s origin, so they can experience the creation of each first-hand in an unprecedented and unforgettable way.