Campari soda



A perfect

WWhere do you picture yourself in 10 years?

Actually, you could still be sitting on this terrace, with nothing having really changed.

Or everything could have changed. You could be in a big office in Miami, or climbing the mountains of Peru. There’s no way to know.

However, today I’d like to tell you a story. The story of someone who managed to project himself into the future. One of those stories that are so remarkable that they cross the walls, the years, the eras, and the people that lived through them.

Travel back in time, open your eyes, and look at the bottle in front of you.

Can you believe that the aperitivo we are drinking is almost 90 years old? It still looks great for its age.

It hasn’t changed since the day it was born. It’s always been the same. And do you know why? Because the product you have in front of you has never looked for a compromise with time. It never really needed it.

But to truly understand it, we need to take a step further back in time. We have to meet a man who was a revolutionary, in all respects. Let’s meet Davide Campari.

A man who didn’t need a genius idea to be brilliant, who didn’t need electricity to “turn on a light.” Because in his head, it was always daylight. And it was there, in the daylight, that his greatest idea started to take shape. In small doses, experiment after experiment, always looking for perfection.

Until it became a revolutionary idea.

A product with special contents and a unique design, just like its name: Campari Soda, the story of a perfect combination of ingredients in just two words.

But to get right to where you are sitting today, the intuition needed help from visionary minds. That’s how the entrepreneurial spirit of Davide Campari met the artistic genius of Fortunato Depero.

A union that was as perfect as the work that came to life from their ideas: the first pre-mixed cocktail in history, contained in an innovative bottle.

Devised by the artist to leave a mark in time and become an icon before your very eyes, the bottle was small, able to go anywhere: to bars, households, even your pocket.

A designer’s drink, both in shape and content, that’s able to challenge the norms.

Depero devised a bottle in the shape of a truncated cone containing a bright red liquid. It was as well designed aesthetically as its shape was functional. In fact, it could occupy half the usual space while being transported: you just need to arrange a layer of bottles upside down to perfectly fit the other bottles. It was the first ever design of its kind.

Imagine the first cocktail which was ready even before being served. A drink that doesn’t need to shake its hand to introduce itself. It skips the small talk. But it doesn’t jump to conclusions.

And you can drink it anywhere, with anyone. It doesn’t really matter.

It all sounds so casual, but Davide Campari even thought about this.

Campari Soda is the aperitivo that is still one of a kind.

The Spiritheque