Shaken not Broken: Campari America donates a further US $100,000 to Another Round, Another Rally

Campari Group Canada invites for donations and cheer as the hospitality industry faces a challenging holiday season


Call for businesses to help hospitality workers as bars count £700 million cost of office Christmas party cancellations


Campari partners with mobile-led platform EdApp in a joint initiative to educate the Southeast Asian hospitality industry through COVID-19

Campari Canada adds to its ongoing support for hospitality workers affected by Covid-19 pandemic

Shaken not Broken: Campari Academy online provides training to South East Asian hospitality industry through challenging Covid-19 climate

Campari Australia launches an initiative to support the affected hospitality community with support, toolkits and products

L’ensemble des Professionnels du Bassin Viticole, viticulteurs, distillateurs et negociants, effectuent un don collectif de 400 000 euros pour les hôpitaux de Charente et Charente-Maritime

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