Shaken Not Broken supports bartender community during the crisis by giving 285 care packages

Campari will reward 137 bartenders sending an incredible message of support to the industry

Campari Canada adds to its ongoing support for hospitality workers affected by Covid-19 pandemic

Campari Canada supports independent accounts to celebrate the re-opening of bars/restaurants across the country

Campari Mexico donates product within @MexicoBartendersGuild initiative

Campari Mexico distributes 150 bartender kits for bartenders to prepare home cocktails

Shaken not Broken: Campari Academy online provides training to South East Asian hospitality industry through challenging Covid-19 climate

Campari Group Benelux join into #HorecaComeBack intiative to support the horeca sector

Campari Argentina supports bar and bartenders through the intiative "unapartedevos" (#apartofyou)

Campari do Brazil supports on-premise partners by partecipating to the initiative "Brinde do Bem"