Notice of shareholders' meeting

Notice of shareholders' meeting

GLOBAL Financial

Notice is hereby given that the ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meeting (single call) will be held at Campari Academy, Via Campari23,  Sesto San Giovanni (Milan),  at  9.30 am on Friday, 27March2020, to resolve the following Agenda

Ordinary session

  1. Reconstitution of the Board of Auditors; appointment of an alternate auditor;
  2. Approval  of  the  annual  financial  statements  for  the  year  ending  31  December  2019and  related resolutions;
  3. Remuneration report pursuant to art. 123-terof Legislative Decree 58/98:(i) approval of the remuneration policy; and(ii)approval of the remuneration paid.
  4. Approval of the stock option plan pursuant to art.114-bisof Legislative Decree 58/98;
  5. Authorisation to buy and/or sell treasuryshares.

Extraordinary session

6. Proposal to transfer the Company’s  registered  office  to Amsterdam  (the  Netherlands). Related resolutions, including the adoption of new articles of association in accordance with Dutch law.