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Procedure to apply for entry in the special list for entitlement to the benefit of double voting rights

The procedures to enter in the special list for entitlement to the benefit of double voting rights (the 'List') are provided by:

  1. applicable law and regulations (in particular: article 127-quinquies, Legislative Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998; article 143-quater, Consob Resolution no. 11971 of 14 May 1999; article 23-bis, Banca d'Italia/Consob Ruling dated 22 February 2008 );
  2. Article 6 of the Articles of Association; and

The requests for inclusion in the List may be submitted to the Company in the first three months of the calendar year.

Shareholders wishing to be entered in the List must submit to the Company (through the intermediary through which they hold their Campari shares in a security account) the registration request, duly filled out and signed.

The Company ascertains the requisites for registration and, by the fifth trading day of the fourth month of the calendar year, registers the requesting shareholders in the order in which their requests are received. It is agreed that the Company shall proceed with the cancellation (in whole or in part) of the registration from the special list where it ascertains that the shareholder registered is not (in whole or in part) entitled to be listed.

By the fifth trading day of the fourth month of the calendar year, the Company will notify to the intermediary the registration or non-registration, indicating, in the latter case, the reasons for the refusal.

Shareholders may at any time request the cancellation from the List.

In the event of loss, for any reason, of the in rem right that entitles to the benefit of double voting rights and/or loss of the associated voting rights, shareholders shall give notice to the Company of such loss within ten working days from the date in which the loss occurred.

If the shareholder is a legal entity or any other entity even without legal personality, notice of any change of control shall be given to the Company within ten working days from the date on which the change of control occurred.

Upon fulfillment of the conditions set forth in article 6 of the Articles of Association, without prejudice to any waiver (in full or in part) to the benefit of double voting rights and without having to file any specific request, any shareholder registered in the special list shall automatically become entitled to double voting rights.

All requests and notifications shall be submitted to the Company through the competent intermediary, which shall use forms drafted in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and act according to the communication procedures set forth in such laws and regulations and in accordance with custom practice. The forms mentioned above as well as any communication of intermediaries shall be sent by certified email to the following address: campari@pecserviziotitoli.it with copy to segreteria.societaria@campari.com.

If the officer responsible for keeping the special list requests that a shareholder provides further information in order to evaluate the request submitted or in order to update the special list, such shareholder or, as the case may be, his/her/its assignee(s) shall provide the requested assistance.

The Company will not accept any registration request or communication not submitted in the above mentioned forms and/or to the above mentioned addresses.

For any technical or operational queries, please contact +39 011092 3200 or send an e-mail to sedeto@computershare.it.

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