Campari Group makes its website accessible to people with physical and cognitive disabilities

Campari Group makes its website accessible to people with physical and cognitive disabilities

Milan, 15th February, 2022 - Always attentive to diversity, equity and inclusion, Campari Group has decided to make its corporate website more accessible, adapting its interface to allow the usability of all content by millions of potential users with physical or cognitive disabilities.

This improvement was possible thanks to the partnership with AccessiWay, a startup that through artificial intelligence is able to make websites navigable by users with disabilities.

The new feature can be identified at the bottom left of the screen (desktop and mobile) with a white icon in a blue field, through which all the necessary customizations can be set to make the pages accessible to the greatest number of users. In the drop-down menu there are several options that, once selected, will automatically activate the necessary changes. For example, it is possible to enlarge the characters and the spacing of the texts, remove color contrasts, activate special sliders, as well as set the automatic reading of the contents to allow access to users with sensory, motor, neurological and cognitive deficits.

Enrico Bocedi, Corporate Communications Director at Campari Group states: "Diversity, equity and inclusion are three key pillars of our commitment to Camparistas, Business Partners and Communities. About 15% of the world's population (over 1 Billion people) currently experience disability1, but only 3% of websites globally are navigable by these users2.This demonstrates today there is still a great website accessibility gap. Thanks to the partnership with AccessiWay, we are adding an important step towards greater inclusiveness, offering maximum accessibility to our website and all its contents"

Giulia Rampa, Head of Customer Success at AccessiWay, underlines: "Together with Campari Group, we want to ensure that no user feels excluded. Our priority is that as many websites as possible are accessible to people with disabilities, involving them and giving them the opportunity to fully enjoy all the services offered online. Accessibility also lies in small things, such as moments of leisure: only when we really make those accessible, will we have a true integration. We hope, thanks to the partnership with Campari Group, to raise awareness around the issue to make the web a more inclusive place together".Campari Group’s website can be visited at


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2 Source: WebAIM: The WebAIM Million - An annual accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages


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