Milan, July 15, 2020 - Campari Group, a leading player in the premium spirits industry, gives its online presence a makeover with a magazine-style website featuring a continuously evolving flow of new contents and updates.

The website as the key official channel for all corporate information, gathers the most relevant global and local news, amplifying the voice of the Group and its in-market companies worldwide.

A perfect example of how the Group showcases local activities of global relevance, the Stronger Together section brings together all the Group’s main initiatives carried out since the onset of the COVID-19 health emergency and during all its subsequent stages, in every country where Campari operates. News is tagged by country, type of activity and intended audience so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Campari Group responded to the emergency with an active commitment to support local communities, institutions, partners and the hospitality industry through donations, the production of hand sanitizer, assistance funds, training and many other initiatives in every country where it is present.

The News & Media section includes an original search engine that allows visitors to access all contents, using a cross-site approach. The aim is to encourage visitors to browse through different types of content, helping them to fully engage with the brand narrative.

The magazine-style approach is particularly evident in “The Spiritheque” section. Part journey of discovery through a secret archive and part virtual art gallery, The Spiritheque tells the story of places, people, mysteries and atmospheres from the world of the Group’s brands. Combining narratives and animated illustrations, it represents an original approach that explores the intangible heritage of the Group and its brands from a contemporary and innovative perspective through true stories, anecdotes and “legends”, so as to offer readers an original new way to experience the brands.

The common thread is how Campari and the world of art and culture have been intertwined right from the outset, when the Art of Advertising made a vital contribution to building a brand that is recognised today all over the world. Since then, Campari Group’s story has been enriched by many more brands, all with a powerful identity inextricably linked to their countries and cultures of origin.

The website’s all-new design is based on an in-depth study of how Campari’s vast historical and cultural heritage lives through today’s global dimension, embracing brands and people from all over the world. The intense focus on the visual identity also responds to a desire to promote the continuity of the bond that has always united Campari with the world of design.

The visual element is, in fact, the most distinctive feature of how the Group’s activities are narrated. The bespoke Pantone blue colour and exclusively designed proprietary font are part of the new understated and elegant, but also cutting-edge image the Group has chosen to speak to its stakeholders.

The multimedia content is enriched by video interviews with the master blenders and distillers who are guardians of the secret recipes behind some of the Group’s most distinctive products. The investor relations pages provide a detailed account of the global growth and expansion achieved by Campari Group over the last 25 years, from the first acquisitions through to the listing and its success on the international markets.

The redesign has also developed and expanded two key sections of the website that explain the company’s approach to sustainability and its people. The ‘people’ section displays the mission, the values and the culture of Campari Group and the “Camparista Experience”. In the video “Our Signature Mix”, the company’s employees draw on their own personal experiences to show what it means to be part of the Campari world.

The new website is the culmination of a wide-ranging corporate brand building project that began by redefining the brand identity to fully express the Group’s Italian roots, entrepreneurial spirit and international reach, reflecting the reality of a company in continuous evolution.

“The new website,” commented Enrico Bocedi, Corporate Communications Director at Campari Group, “is the final stage in the corporate brand creation process and reflects the Group’s ongoing evolution and commitment to supporting business growth in an increasingly global and complex context. We are pleased that it has been launched in the year of our 160th anniversary, which offers us the opportunity to both give the right visibility to how far we’ve come, as well as to look forward to the future challenges that await us”.

About Campari Group
Campari Group is a major player in the global spirits industry, with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands, spreading across Global, Regional and Local priorities. Global Priorities, the Group’s key focus, include Aperol, Appleton Estate, Campari, SKYY, Wild Turkey and Grand Marnier. The Group was founded in 1860 and today is the sixth-largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry. It has a global distribution reach, trading in over 190 nations around the world with leading positions in Europe and the Americas. The Group’s growth strategy aims to combine organic growth through strong brand building and external growth via selective acquisitions of brands and businesses. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Campari Group owns 22 plants worldwide and has its own distribution network in 21 countries. The Group employs approximately 4,000 people. The shares of the parent company Davide Campari-Milano N.V. (Reuters CPRI.MI - Bloomberg CPR IM) have been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001. For more information: Please enjoy our brands responsibly


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