Appleton Estate Relaunch

Appleton Estate Relaunch

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - Kingston Jamaica: Capital investment in Jamaica by the Campari Group has reached J$14 billion and growing since the Group’s acquisition of J. Wray and Nephew Limited (JWN) in 2012. This solid investment foundation has created a strong platform for the current global relaunch of the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum brand, further cementing its position as a premium preference for rum connoisseurs and adult consumers all over the world.

Among the investments are the US $7.2 million upgrade of the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, which is now one of the country’s premier attractions for residents and visitors. A US$7 million expenditure on the rum-making waste water (dunder) plant at the Appleton Estate factory in St. Elizabeth has brought that core production facility of JWN in line with global environmental standards and best practices. So too has a J$700 million investment in a waste water treatment system at the Spanish Town Road operations in Kingston.

Campari and JWN have also moved full steam into securing and enhancing the sustainability of their Jamaican operations with the cutting-edge conversion of the New Yarmouth Distillery in Clarendon to a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuelled operation.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, a global leader in the premium rums category, announced the worldwide its brand relaunch as of April this year.

Taking place amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, Jean-Philippe Beyer, JWN’s Managing Director says the relaunch, which includes a reimagined bottle and label as well as the world release of a new premium blend: The new Appleton Estate Jamaica 8-Year-Old Reserve, is an era-defining statement of the resilience of the world-famous Jamaican brand. He adds that the strategic marketing move is also a bold declaration and timely reflection of the indomitable spirit of the Jamaican people and the unshakeable belief of Campari and JWN in the ultimate triumph of human ingenuity and creativity over adversity and challenges.

“The 2020 relaunch is a celebration of the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum brand’s pursuit of excellence and our commitment to the highest standards of rum production and ethical, socially responsible global marketing,” Jean-Philippe Beyer, JWN’s Managing Director said. He adds that the capital investments by Campari are part of a commitment by the global group to the continuous development of J Wray and Nephew Limited and the Appleton Estate brand. With the relaunch, a new sleek, contemporary shape of the iconic Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum bottle is accompanied by a sophisticated new cork closure. Beneath the cap, the neck label illustrates ‘Appleton Estate’ the historic birthplace and location of the brand’s manufacturing operations nestled between lush green hills in Jamaica's rolling plains of Nassau Valley in the parish of St. Elizabeth in country’s southwest region. The embossed “1749” imprint in the glass bottles signifies the date of the Estate’s establishment. The new label tells the rich story of each rum blend and carries details on the unique production process including Appleton Estate’s strict adherence to its centuries-old rum-making tradition of utilising Jamaican limestone-filtered water during distillation and ensuring that no flavours are added to its rums.

The company says the centerpiece of the new label is a new Appleton Estate Jamaica Insignia – a convergence of five iconic Jamaican design emblems that narrate a vibrant, fascinating story drawn from the inspiring source of Jamaica itself. In addition, JWN says, Master Blender Joy Spence’s signature on the label exhibits the definitive badge of quality, credibility and authenticity.

“We are unveiling a fresh look for both our permanent collection of rums and our limited- edition versions, while maintaining our commitment to exceptional liquid,” Spence points out. She adds that, “With this relaunch, Appleton Estate proudly celebrates our Jamaican heritage in a thoroughly modern way. I am also excited to introduce new blends as we enter a new era for our brand. We hope that our new look and feel elevates the sophisticated sipping experience while continuing to spread the joy of rum, globally.”

“Creating our rum is a labour of love and a true art. Jamaica has a pulse unlike anywhere else, and this vibrant energy gets channeled into everything we do, especially our world-class rums,” Spence notes. The global relaunch will commence with the introduction of Signature, 8-Year-Old Reserve, and 12-Year-Old Casks rums and continue the redesigned 21-Year-Old Nassau Valley Casks at the start of 2021.