Campari partners with mobile-led platform EdApp in a joint initiative to educate the Southeast Asian hospitality industry through COVID-19

Campari partners with mobile-led platform EdApp in a joint initiative to educate the Southeast Asian hospitality industry through COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the hospitality industry has been hit incredibly hard resulting in a near-global lockdown. The virus has left a devastating impact on the once-thriving industry, where countless businesses have been forced to close their doors indefinitely. This leaves a mass amount of hospitality workers displaced, however, Campari has identified an opportunity to be able to upskill these workers during this downtime. Since face-to-face interactions are obviously not an option, the Campari team has looked for ways to enable the hospitality industry with the power to educate from home.

Traditionally, Campari’s global brand ambassadors, known as ‘Camparistas’, provide education to trade partners and hospitality operators on-site. To swiftly adapt to the COVID-19 climate, Campari has teamed up with EdApp, the mobile-first microlearning platform, to create a program that supports Campari’s Southeast Asian markets, giving the struggling sector the tools they need to thrive. Hence, Campari Academy Online was born.

To execute this joint initiative, Campari’s valuable learning content was quickly adapted to smartphone learning, where lessons can be easily accessed completed in bite-sized chunks. Having mobile-accessible learning material enables the Camparistas to extend their services to the industry despite the challenges of COVID-19, which will help hospitality businesses to bounce back after this period, coming back stronger than ever.

Leveraging the EdApp platform, Campari has swiftly created and launched courseware, providing hospitality workers of Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia with the resources they need. Phillip Versteegen, Commercial Capabilities Manager - Asia from Campari said, “I was able to easily pick up the platform to author courseware and get it out to our Camparistas in a matter of days.” He continued, “Having mobile-accessible content allows for Campari Academy Online’s success to continue, despite the obvious challenges that COVID-19 has brought on. Beyond that, the EdApp partnership has given Campari the opportunity to help build up the hospitality industry during this taxing period.”

Through the new program, Shaken Not Broken, Campari and EdApp have brilliantly tailored Campari’s educational needs by moving their invaluable training and world-class storytelling online. Since all lessons hosted on the EdApp platform can be completed through mobile, hundreds of Camparistas and thousands of hospitality workers can access and download the lessons straight through their smartphones. Darren Winterford, CEO of EdApp, noted, “We are incredibly proud to partner with Campari in the continued education and support of Camparistas and hospitality workers during this precarious time. We saw the chance to help and love that our microlearning platform is hosting Campari’s outstanding content to roll out Campari Academy Online. We are excited to see that our agile platform has been quickly implemented to support and educate Campari’s hundreds of employees, trade partners, and the hospitality industry as a whole through COVID-19.