www.campari.com is Now Live!

Campari’s Red Passion Turns on the Web!

Milan, 17 May 2007 – The Campari brand has launched a virtual meeting place for the lovers of the unique Made in Italy red spirit. A place of sensuality and mystery where visitors explore a real and imaginary universe of cutting edge technology tinged with Campari’s Red Passion hues.

Red Passion is instinct, but it is also a way of living, of thinking, an artistic expression, an experience and an ideal. Red Passion’s cosmopolitan sensuality derives from Campari’s ever evolving communication, from its advertising to its Calendar, from the international events to its cocktails and now its website. Where there is Campari there is passion (red) and where there is passion there is the desire to do more, to be more and to express more. Campari.com is alive and dynamic, sexy and interactive: it is what Red Passion should be on the web.

Campari’s international website will launch in six languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German) and is centred around an interactive film that is elegant and intriguing, but also entertaining.

The sensual interactive film is a long single sequence that sees the camera following a beautiful woman inside a bar. The woman glides seductively throughout the establishment exchanging glances with the other patrons –men and women alike- before stopping to sip her Campari on the Rocks. And then…

…In the “Enjoy Campari” and “Cocktail” pages one can discover the Campari Red Passion world through intriguing films that offer visitors many different ways of appreciating Campari. The site also encourages visitors to try the different cocktails at home through “educational” videos where the resident barman demonstrates how to best prepare all the most famous Campari cocktails.

After cruising through the virtual bar and its cocktails it is time to turn towards the “Find Red Bars” section where visitors can discover and vote for the coolest bars worldwide: Campari is in fact available in over 190 countries across the globe.

To truly live the Campari Red Passion to its fullest a touch of “History in Red” is needed to appreciate the brand’s identity from 1860 to present day: a path through the brand’s most iconic communication milestones as it evolved from an artisan’s workshop product to an international market leader in its category; while always maintaining its original recipe of herbs, plants and fruits intact.

If the Red Passion desire is not yet quenched, “Download Some Red” allows users to download the cocktail videos on an Ipod or mobile for later viewing as well as screensavers and wallpapers for personal computers. Additionally, if you’re curious to know what Campari is doing in a specific country the “Campari Websites” section allows users to browse a world map and click on specific local sites, where available.

Campari is about fun and socializing and to appreciate it to its fullest it is imperative to drink responsibly. “Drink Responsibly” features a series of small and user friendly suggestions to appreciate Campari in moderation.

Finally, to stay up to date and not miss a thing the “Register” section will be a direct line to all the Campari Community.

“Red Passion isn’t only a concept, it is a lifestyle”- says Alessandro de’ Medici, International Brand Director – “an experience that finds life in all the brand’s communication aspects. With this innovative site we once again reaffirm Campari’s global outlook as the brand grows all over the world”.

Sexy, dynamic and interactive: the new website extends Red Passion beyond the last sip of Campari and won’t cease to surprise us with new initiatives.

Campari.com was created and executed by MRM Worldwide’s Milan based team, already responsible for the Hotel Campari website and its online promotion for the launch of the 2007 Campari Calendar.

Gruppo Campari’s corporate website will remain at www.camparigroup.com

Publishing date: 
15 May 2007
Last updated Feb 15 2013