Responsible marketing and practices 2016

Quality of drinking has a dual meaning for the Group: to create products of excellence combined with a convivial and moderate style of consumption.
For this reason, Gruppo Campari is committed to publicising messages and models of behaviour associated with the responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks via its communication channels.


Responsible communications

The Commercial Communications Code, which was created in 2010, aims to ensure that all the Group’s companies require their marketing teams to adhere to standards of legality, decency, honesty and fair business practices. Compliance with these voluntary rules applies to all the Group’s commercial communications. Moreover, with regard to above-the-line communication (ATL1), it should be noted that there is an internal assessment committee (‘Committee’) composed of representatives from the Group Strategic Marketing, Corporate Communications, Corporate Legal and Public Affairs & CSR departments.

Gruppo Campari requires all Camparistas in the marketing, sales and public relations departments around the world to subscribe to the Code of Commercial Communications. In 2016, 100% of the members of the marketing, sales and public relations teams, including new Camparistas hired in these departments, had signed the code. In addition, all external agencies with whom the Group worked during the year were requested and agreed to subscribe to the Code.

Activities associated with the Code and the updating of Camparistas’ knowledge and skills relating to responsible communication were launched in the countries in which the Group is present with its own distribution network. Campari do Brasil Ltda., for example, in partnership with specialist external companies, has developed a guide (Manual of Conduct in Social Media) for Camparistas, encouraging them to adopt correct behaviour on social media and motivating them to publish the hashtag #BEBACOMMODERAÇÃO (#DRINKRESPONSIBLY) in every post associated with the consumption of alcohol. All Camparistas (around 300) have received a copy of the manual and have been trained on its contents.
The Group’s attention therefore also extends to new technology. For this reason, apart from updating the Code in 2012 with specific content relating to digital marketing, the Group has also developed Global Digital Guidelines and disseminated them throughout the whole Group; from 2015, guidelines were also developed for social media, aimed at regulating Gruppo Campari’s online presence and digital activities.

Today, all ATL, BTL and social media communication contains messages about responsible drinking (Responsible Drinking Message, or ‘RDM’).

Existence of a Responsible Drinking Message - trend:



1 Above the Line (‘ATL’): large-scale advertising via various media (television, radio, cinema, posters, press, web and social media).
Below the Line (‘BTL’): communication aimed at certain individuals in specific sales or consumption localities (direct marketing, promotions, events).


Responsible serving

cam-academy-logo_4.pngIn 2012, the headquarters at Sesto San Giovanni opened its doors to the Campari Academy, which was formerly located in Munich. Sector professionals or connoisseurs may take lessons held by international bartenders, cultural and lifestyle experts and trendsetters, at Villa Campari.
In December 2016, the Campari Academy, Spain, was inaugurated with the aim of disseminating similar initiatives. ‘Drink well and with quality’ also means ‘provide a responsible service’. For this reason, the Group has defined Responsible Serving Guidelines, which are conveyed by the bartenders who work with us. The purpose of the document is to map out guidelines used to educate the students of Campari Academy in the responsible serving of alcoholic drinks. The bartenders involved at all our events promoted the six guidelines on which they were trained.


Visit the website: Campari Academy

Responsible consumption: communications and promotions initiatives

In addition to ensuring compliance with the business guidelines and legislation in force in each country, Gruppo Campari also continued, in 2016, to voluntarily include the ‘pregnancy logo’ or equivalent messages on all the labels and packaging of their alcoholic products to discourage the consumption of alcoholic drinks by pregnant women.

As proof of the Group’s commitment, Campari has adopted the role of promoter of a culture of quality and responsibility, and in 2016 implemented specific initiatives in various markets, many of which were organised in conjunction with the trade associations to which it belongs. Dialogue, involvement and cooperation with trade associations and institutions are real strengths that help the Group carry out projects and communication initiatives targeted at a wider audience, with the aim of educating consumers on the informed use of our products.




Responsible Drinking Action-Brazil
From June to August, customers buying a bottle of SKYY Vodka in any of 52 Carrefour supermarkets in São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro received a free voucher for a taxi ride; the aim was to make them aware that they should not get behind the wheel if they think they have exceeded the legal limit for driving.
Thanks to new packaging created for the purpose, greater visibility in supermarkets and specific communication about the event via the various channels (flyers, local newspapers, Facebook and Radio Carrefour), Campari do Brasil Ltda. was able to publicise the message about responsible drinking on a large scale, reaching over 500,000 people.


I am Legal-Jamaica
Gruppo Campari continues to support the programme promoted by the Jamaica Alcohol Beverage Association (JABA) aimed at countering the consumption of alcoholic drinks by minors.
Thanks to this initiative and scrupulous checking, J Wray & Nephew Ltd. ensure that their products are only served to people who can prove they have reached the legal drinking age at all the national shows and events promoted by the Group.


Drink Right-Jamaica
This campaign was carried out as a public-private partnership between the Jamaican government, the main national trade associations and the largest industry players. The objective was to reduce the irresponsible consumption of alcoholic drinks and by minors via the dissemination of specific messages related to the responsible drinking of our products (e.g. ‘Must be 18 and older to drink’ and ‘Please drink responsibly’). J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. has consequently undertaken to strengthen and expand its marketing codes on correct and responsible commercial communications.
With this aim in mind, on 16 September 2016, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. developed a targeted campaign (Enjoy Responsibly Day) on social media, involving all its brands, and posted images and messages to promote responsible drinking.


#Beremeglio (#Drinkbetter)-Italy
Project launched in 2015 by Federvini in conjunction with FIPE (the Italian federation of catering and entertainment establishments) in Padua; the pilot phase was successfully completed during 2016. #Beremeglio focuses on quality rather than quantity, and aims to educate bartenders and sector operators on how to correctly serve alcoholic drinks. In 2016, Gruppo Campari helped to disseminate and make known the culture of drinking well with the Campari Academy tour. As part of the #Beremeglio initiative (#Drinkbetter), the Campari Academy Truck visited 24 Italian cities, providing itinerant training courses in each of these on the art of drinking mixed drinks and drinking well.


Project 'Avtotrezvost'-Russia
In 2014, ‘Avtotrezvost’ (‘Road Safety’), a training module on drinking and driving for driving school students was launched. The project has three objectives: instil responsible behaviour in future drivers; condemn drunkenness; and develop greater interaction between the partners promoting the initiative (Ministry of Health, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI), Driving Schools Association, and the MOST Creative Club and Alcoholic Beverage Committee, of which Campari Rus is a member). Over 7,000 learners in 31 driving schools in the country have already received the training, which comprises a theory part and an interactive part. As part of the initiative, an app was created in 2016 which, with the use of virtual reality visors, changes the screen of a smartphone, simulating a driver’s state of alcoholic drunkenness. During these sessions, students receive information about the effects of alcohol, the legal consequences of driving while drunk, statistics on road accidents connected with the abuse of alcoholic drinks, and ways to prevent them.


Smart Selling-Belgium
An initiative by Vinum & Spiritus Association Belgium (of which Campari Benelux S.A. is a member) in partnership with two of the largest retail sales chains, Carrefour and White Nights, led to the publication of booklets in three languages (Dutch, English and French), which have been distributed to employees in the shops to support them in the responsible selling of alcoholic beverages, with a particular focus and attention on alcohol abuse by young people.


Enjoy in Moderation-Germany
Campari Deutschland GmbH, in conjunction with the other leading producers and distributors of alcoholic drinks under the umbrella of the Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry and Importers (BSI), and with the support of the association’s scientific committee, created a website (www. for the promotion of practical information on responsible drinking. The website, also available for mobile devices, has been enhanced with video clips in which television chef, international bartenders, popular restaurateurs and scientists encourage consumers to moderate consumption.

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