Organization Membership & Activities

Gruppo Campari is a member of various organizations that promote responsible drinking programs and education. For more information please follow the links to the organization’s website.





spiritsEUROPE -
The organization is focused on the importance of promoting and maintaining an open trade policy with all of the EU’s key markets. At the same time the organization recognizes the importance of a responsible alcohol consumption, actively promoting responsible marketing within the industry, and responsible drinking within consumers.

EuropeanSpirits Companies Liaison Group (ESG) -
Part of the spiritsEUROPE organization, the Group contributes to the fulfillment of its overall goals.

Comitéeuropéendesentreprises de vin (CEEV) -
The Comittee aims to promote the position of Wine Culture in Europe and all around the world as well as the sustainable development of the sector.

Food Drink Europe -
The Association represents the European food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the EU in terms of turnover and employment. It aims to promote the industry's interests to European and international institutions, contributing to a framework addressing, inter alia, food safety and science, nutrition and health, environmental sustainability and competitiveness.



Federvini -
The Italian Association of Industrial Producers, Exporters and Importers of Wines, Spirits, Syrups and Vinegars (FEDERVINI) was founded in 1917: its members are companies operating in the alcoholic beverages sector, excluding beer, as well as in the vinegar, syrup and grape juice sectors.

Istituto Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (IAP) -
The Institute is the main Italian auto-regulation body.



BundesverbandderDeutschenSpirituosen-Industrie und -Importeure e. V. (BSI) -
The Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry and Importers (BSI) has been the association for spirits producers and importers based in Germany since 5th December 1974. Its headquarters are in Bonn. It also has a branch in Brussels. This was established in 1998. The members represent around 90% of sales on the German spirits market.



Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) -
The SWA Code of Practice for the Responsible Marketing and Promotion of Scotch Whisky.
It promotes the industry's activities through its publication 'Matured to be Enjoyed Responsibly'. It acts as an umbrella organization for members to engage and show their contribution to tackling alcohol misuse issues. It is a leading member of the Scottish Government Alcohol Industry which delivers a number of initiatives to tackle alcohol misuse, such as, Alcohol Awareness Week (a national responsible drinking campaign) and community programs looking at issues around underage drinking and reducing the impact of alcohol-related harm in communities.



Irish SpiritsAssociation (ISA) -
The objective of the Association is to ensure that optimal international trading conditions exist for the Irish spirits industry. Membership is open to all branded spirits manufacturers and suppliers. The Association offers a service of information, representation and advice and provides a forum for members to make new contacts and exchange new ideas.



Federation of GreekDistillates and Spirits (SEAOP) -
The Federation created a consumer website offering information, hints and tips for responsible drinking. In October 2010 and October 2011 It supported financially twice the “European Night without accident” (presented as one of the best practices organized across Europe)



FédérationBelgedesVins et Spiritueux (FBVS) -
The Federation implements the international and European strategies in order to prevent the negative impact of the irresponsible drinking through local activities and a cooperation.



Schutzverband der Spirituosen-Industrie
The “Schutzverband der Spirituosen-Industrie”  represents sprits producers, importers association and the spirit industry. 



Spirit Suisse 
SPIRITSUISSE aims to promote the qualities of spirits brand, including compliance with strict industry quality at every stage of the manufacturing process, to examine the general problems of the industry, to support the promotion of responsible consumption, giving preference to quality products and informing its members and the public on the technical aspects, taxation and legislation of alcoholic beverages, as well as their understanding of the issues related to the consumption of spirits .




Russia - Ukraine

Alcoholic Beverages Committee (ABC) -

ABC was established in 1998 within the framework of the European Business Club. Throughout the years the ABC has provided its Members with the most up to date, reliable and accurate information on the developments on the Russian alcohol market as well as regulations that govern this market. The ABC has paid special attention to legislative and regulative activities of Russian legislative and executive bodies, both on the Federal and Regional levels.






Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) -
The main CSR activities are related to the Social Responsibility advertising code. The other activities are conducted through an affiliated organization called Century Council.

Kentucky Distillers' Association (KDA) -
The KDA was founded in 1880 and it’s a leading voice in Bourbon and distilled spirits issues.




Central America



National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) -
The Chamber works in defense of young people and companies by giving them information /sessions of drinking & driving and its consequences.




South America 



FederationLiqueurIndustry Argentina (FILA) -
The Federation develops important trainees between teachers of secondary school to prevent the damage of alcohol.



ABRABE - Associação Brasileira de Bebidas -
Association of beverage companies in Brazil, it is active in responsible consumption and self-regulation in communication and advertising.







Liquor MerchantsAssociation of Australia (LMAA) -
The LMAA is a trade association operating within the Australian Liquor Industry for the benefit of its members. The Association, formed in 1897, is non-profit and is governed by a Board of Directors.






South Africa

The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA)

ARA is focused on the prevention of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse. The association's mission is to reduce alcohol-related harm through combating the misuse and abuse of alcohol beverages and promoting only their responsible use. The primary targets for its interventions are two broad groups namely young people and those adults who are vulnerable and most at risk of suffering the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and misuse. The ARA's interventions are usually conducted in partnership with other stakeholders who share similar objectives. The industry remains deeply concerned by the problems of alcohol misuse and abuse and accepts a responsibility to make every effort to reduce alcohol-related harm.

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) 
Its purpose is to manage South Africa's voluntary, self-regulating system of advertising.  The ASA works with a variety of marketing communication industry stakeholders to ensure that advertising content in the country meets the requirements of its Code of Advertising Practice and to control advertising content in the South African public's interest.  

Last updated May 29 2018