Responsible marketing and practices 2017

Quality of drinking has a dual meaning for the Group: to create products of excellence combined with a convivial and moderate style of consumption.
For this reason, Campari Gruppo is committed to publicizing messages and models of behaviour associated with the responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks via its communication channels.

Responsible marketing and practices 2016

Responsible communications

Marketing and communications are an important tool through which Campari Group conveys messages and models of behaviour that are always attentive to the responsible consumption of its products. Since 2010, the Group has had a voluntary Code on Commercial Communications to ensure its communications comply with standards of legality, decency, honesty and fair business practices. Every year, the Group monitors the adoption and consequent signing of the Code by all members of the marketing, sales and PR teams, as well as by the external agencies with which it collaborates.

Subscribers to the code on commercial communications in 2017 (%)


Furthermore, the marketing teams of all the Group companies take part in periodic activities and meetings during the year to review the principles of the Code. The Code pays particular attention to the methods of consumption shown in the commercial communication of its products, which always focus on moderation and conviviality.

In order to include all forms of communication, specific guidelines for digital marketing were formalised within the Code as early as 2012; these require, among other things, the inclusion of the Age Affirmation Process on all websites of Campari Group’s alcoholic products, with the aim of restricting access by those under the legal age to consume alcohol. The guidelines also establish regular monitoring of user comments, and the removal of any posts that do not comply with the provisions of the Code. Since 2017, in line with the provisions of the Code, ATL (above the line) ¹ and BTL (below the line) ² communication and the social profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) of our brands have carried messages about responsible consumption (RDM-Responsible Drinking Message). This excludes communication channels relating to the Group’s non-alcoholic products (i.e. Crodino, Crodino Twist, Crodino Spritz):

Existence of an RDM (%)


Existence of an RDM (%)

¹ Above the Line (‘ATL’): large-scale advertising via various media (television, radio, cinema, posters, press, web and social media).
² Below the Line (‘BTL’): communication aimed at certain individuals in specific sales or consumption localities (direct marketing, promotions, events).

To further increase its effectiveness, the Code has established an internal evaluation committee (‘Committee’) made up of representatives of Group Strategic Marketing, Corporate Communications, Corporate Legal and Public Affairs&CSR. The Committee’s activities are aimed at monitoring compliance of above-the-line communication with the guidelines of the Code. In 2017, 54 advertising campaigns were submitted to the internal committee for approval. With regard to marketing and commercial communication activities, including advertising, promotion and sponsorship, no cases of non-compliance occurred that involved legal actions or cease and desist orders. A legal notice was received from the Canadian regulatory agency, AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), due to an advertisement placed by one of our external partners within two hundred metres of a school. Following notification from the local authority, the advertisement in question was immediately removed without any ensuing sanctions. We also voluntarily introduced pregnancy logos and equivalent messages on the packaging/labels of alcoholic brands, with the aim of discouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages by pregnant women.


Responsible serving

Campari Academy is Campari Group’s training school of excellence, founded in 2012 in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) to offer sector professionals and connoisseurs a high-quality and varied programme about the world of bartending and bar management. The courses offered are divided into different categories based on the training path that attendees decide to follow, but all have one common thread: excellence in drinking. Lessons are held by qualified teachers, international bartenders, cultural and lifestyle experts, and trendsetters. At the end of each course, a certificate is issued certifying the attendee’s participation in the Campari Academy. Besides Italy, Campari Academy is now also present in Spain, Germany and Brazil. Excellence in drinking translates into a broader experience that requires not only a quality product but also an equally excellent service. For bartenders, Campari Group has therefore produced a document, the Responsible Serving Guidelines, aimed at defining in six points the essential guidelines for the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages; this is shared with the participants of all our training courses at our Academy and applied at all our events.

Responsible Serving Guidelines


Visit the website: Campari Academy

Responsible consumption: communications and promotions initiatives

Campari Group continues to promote a culture of quality and responsibility, including via communications projects and actions carried out in collaboration with the main trade associations. These initiatives are aimed at educating consumers in the informed use of our products. The Group is currently a member of 30 trade associations and Social Aspect Organizations in 19 countries, and its managers play a key role in some of these. Campari Group is also a member of SpiritsEurope, the European association of producers of alcoholic beverages, which represents 31 national associations in 24 countries and the 8 main players in the spirits sector. Working together with the most important trade associations and the major industry leaders, and thus addressing a wider audience, Campari Group helps to promote and disseminate responsible behaviour and lifestyles. Also in 2017, initiatives and projects related to the responsible consumption of alcoholic products were carried out in the various markets in which the Group operates.


Campari Academy Truck Tour
With a specially fitted-out truck travelling around Italy in search of the art of ‘drinking well’, Campari Group presented itself as a reference point for training and the dissemination of the culture of quality drinking, responsibly. Also in 2017, around 5,000 bartenders and connoisseurs from the sector participated for free in courses, seminars and master classes, which this year devoted extensive coverage to how to pair cocktails and gourmet recipes correctly, emphasizing the association between the  consumption of alcoholic beverages and the rituals of meals and conviviality. Providing training to bartenders, professionals who play an increasingly central and almost educational role vis-avis customers is a way of having a significant impact on end consumers, ensuring that they can enjoy, in an informed way, cocktails that best bring out the quality of the individual ingredients. The second edition of the tour took place in 23 stops in the same number of Italian cities as part of the #Beremeglio project launched by Federvini (the Italian federation for producers, exporters and importers of alcohol) and FIPE (the Italian federation for catering establishments) to support  responsible consumption and quality of service in Italian public establishments. At the tour launch in Piazza Duomo, Milan, a round table was held inside the Campari Academy truck, during which the Group confirmed its commitment to training professionals to spread the values of drinking responsibly.


Spagna - Menores: ni una gota
In Spain, in collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Health and industry  association FEBE (Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas), Campari Group promotes the ‘Minors: not a single drop. More than 100 reasons why minors shouldn’t drink alcohol’ (Menores: ni una gota. Más de 100 razones para que un menor no beba alcohol) initiative, to counter the consumption of alcohol among minors. The campaign aims to inform and raise public awareness, through various communication channels, about the risks to health and development related to underage alcohol consumption. As part of the campaign, well-known psychologist and educator Rocío Ramos Paul has written a guide specifically aimed at parents, providing them with tips and tools to deal with and prevent alcohol consumption among their children. To reach children directly, on the other hand, rap and hip hop artist Rayden has been brought into the project. His songs convey positive messages to help increase young people’s self-esteem and self-confidence so that they can face and overcome the typical problems of adolescence without fear. In addition, journalists, singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities continue to lend their image to this campaign, providing parents and children with advice and motivation to tackle alcohol abuse.


Brasile - Sem Excesso
The Sem Excesso (No Excess) project, which is promoted via ABRABE (the Brazilian Beverage Association) during the country’s national traffic week, aims to raise awareness among the Brazilian population about the correct consumption of alcoholic beverages, particularly when driving. In addition to interacting with more than 3,000 people in the 61 venues involved in the initiative, in collaboration with YouTuber Lully and actor Bruno Guedes, messages of responsibility and safety were conveyed through multiple social networks, reaching more than 2.5 million people.


Argentina - #TomemosBuenasMedidas
To raise awareness of the importance of moderate consumption of alcohol, FAIBE, Argentina’s spirits industry federation (Federación Argentina de la Industria de Bebidas Espirituosas), promotes the #TomemosBuenasMedidas initiative through various awareness-raising actions. In Buenos Aires, for example, a circuit has been installed with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and other road signs. More than 1,500 people, wearing glasses simulating alcoholic inebriation, have experienced, while sober, the effects and sensation that alcohol can produce if consumed over the allowed limit. The adult participants then received a guide with useful advice to follow on consuming alcoholic beverages responsibly. A similar activity was also offered to more than 100 students of the Summa Institute of Buenos Aires and, subsequently, in a public park involving parents and children. During these occasions, famous Argentine influencers posted photos and videos of the event on social media, helping further spread the initiative on the web.


Sudafrica - iniziative di prevenzione
Campari South Africa is a supporting member of the Association for the Responsible use of Alcohol (ARA), which conducts educational programmes, especially for rural areas. Through its participation, Campari South Africa supports in particular initiatives on fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), to raise awareness of the importance of prevention of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Product innovation

A company that can reinterpret and enhance tradition is also a sustainable one. In a sector strongly linked to tradition, Campari Group always seeks to develop innovative projects to anticipate consumers’ requirements with quality products. To show that we have been paying attention, we report below some new product innovations in 2017:

Bourbon Whisky

In February 2017, the ‘Whiskey Barons Collection’ – a project created to celebrate two brands of bourbon, Bond & Lillard, from the pre-Prohibition period – was unveiled in the US. These high-quality bourbons, which are produced in the oldest distillery in Kentucky, reflect the authenticity of the product and the original packaging. In the same month, the bourbon Wild Turkey Master’s Keep, a limited edition aged for 17 years, was launched on the US market. In December 2017, Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades was named the no. 3 whiskey of the year by ‘Whisky Advocate’ magazine. In addition, in August 2017, Wild Turkey ‘Master’s Keep 1894’ was launched exclusively for the Australian market. This is a limited edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged in barrels selected personally by Master Distiller Eddie Russell.

Appleton Estate

In early 2017, the Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend was launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Joy Spence as master blender. This limited edition 25-year-old blend, prepared with selected rums, has a balanced taste with subtle oak notes.

Forty Creek Whisky

The tenth limited edition of Forty Creek Whisky, Founders Reserve, was launched in the first quarter of 2017. Created in honour of founder John K. Hall, a charismatic figure in the Canadian whisky industry, this rare whisky is infused with flavours of exotic spices and rich aromas of apricot and orange. In June 2017, the packaging of Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve was also redesigned to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canadian independence. In October, the packaging redesign was also extended to the core whiskies category, Forty Creek Barrel Select and Forty Creek Copper Pot. In the fourth quarter, the eleventh edition of Forty Creek Heritage was launched throughout North America. The product is a unique blend of corn, rye and barley whiskies, aged in American toasted oak barrels, giving it a distinctive flavour.

Cinzano sparkling wine

In 2017, Cinzano, the historic brand from Piedmont, celebrated its 260th anniversary with the launch of Cinzano Cuvée Vintage Alta Langa D.O.C.G. Vintage 2009. The new premium spumante celebrates the artistic heritage, wine-making experience and territory of origin of the brand. Produced under the Alta Langa designation, the classic method par excellence of Piedmont, the spumante is made from Pinot Nero (85%) and Chardonnay (15%) grapes, with a special liqueur d’expedition added at the end. Cinzano Cuvée Vintage Alta Langa D.O.C.G. was awarded the silver medal in the bottle-fermented sparkling wines category at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC).


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