QHSE Policy

A primary and fundamental principle of Gruppo Campari is the quality and safety of our products, the health and safety of our employees and customers and  the protection of the environment.

In this light Gruppo Campari decided to have a Global management of Quality Health Safety Environment (‘QHSE‘) with dedicated Management and Technical System Guidelines. Our purpose is to manage all the QHSE activities with the same level of control  defining priority level requirements for each activity.

8-rid_2_0.jpgSince more than 15 years Gruppo Campari has built up an experience of voluntary certification in line with international standards. Today, Gruppo Campari’s purpose is to achieve the triple certifications ISO 22000 (Food Safety), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) for its production plants.

Gruppo Campari monitors QHSE performance with a specific focus at global level on the following: customer complaints, hygiene standards, energy, water use and water discharge, waste, health and safety and QHSE training. Each production plant and site has a dedicated and specific QHSE program which includes additional specific projects and targets on particular QHSE topics (plant process optimization, wastewater and rainwater reduction, reuse and recycling projects, energy efficiency activities and waste recovery). One of our goals in 2012 and 2013 is to identify specific QHSE targets at global level, while pursuing the local site  QHSE  targets already in place.

For quality and food safety the number of complaints are monitored  relative to corrective actions put in place to solve the root causes.

Some of the data monitored by our global accounting system for environmental parameters are energy consumption by type of energy used, percentage of renewable energy used, water withdrawal by source, water discharge by source, waste generation by type of waste, waste destination with specific attention on waste recovery, reuse and recycling.

Our health and safety performance takes into account the severity and frequency in calculating the injury rate and the relevant  absenteeism rate. Injuries are recorded in order to have statistics by the type of injury and allows us to define further actions to reduce our rate.

Finally, it is important to note that our approach is based on an international team staffed with people on every site  from different nationalities, cultures, religions, gender and age. All are strongly committed to continuously improving Gruppo Campari’s performance in Quality, Food Safety, Health and Safety of employees and environmental protection.

Gruppo Campari pursues and supports the respect of the internationally proclaimed human rights. In line with its values: integrity, passion, pragmatism, and performance orientation, Gruppo Campari considers as primary and fundamental:

  • the protection of the Health, Safety, well-being of its Employees and Customers,
  • the protection of Environment and the Quality and Food Safety of its Products.

Gruppo Campari manufactures its products and carries out its activities in the full respect of the Business Ethical Code approved by the Board of directors of David Campari - Milan 26 S.p.A 12 February 2004 and
modified March 2012. With this purpose Gruppo Campari is committed:

  • to guarantee its business with integrity, quality and in a safe, professional, legal and ethical way, from the moment of origin of the raw materials to the delivery of the products to its customers;
  • to govern its activities in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Labour Practices and Environment meeting all relevant legislation, and in line with most applied international standards: ISO 22000:2005, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004;
  • to involve all organizational levels and all employees assuring operating responsibilities and procedures are defined with precision, appropriately communicated and clearly understood also with the aim of assuring that all are aware of the relevance of their own activities and their contribution to the achievement of the objectives of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Social Responsibility;
  • to promote the quality of the relations through dialogue and communication about Quality, Health, Safety, Human Rights and Environment with “internal and external Stakeholders”;
  • to recognize in the Quality of the products offered to the consumers one of the strategic instruments for customer satisfaction, meaning Quality: compliance to hygienic-sanitary, commercial, organoleptic, technological, packaging, usage standards;
  • to protect the Health of its employees and of all people who may be involved in the development of operating activities;
  • to prevent exposure to risks during the development of all operating activities, based on the principle that all incidents can be prevented;
  • to reduce environmental impacts that can derive from its activities;
  • to responsibly use resources pursuing a Sustainable Development;
  • to train all employees of Gruppo Campari in order to attain high quality production standards, assuring safe working conditions, preventing injuries and occupational diseases and environmental pollution through operational control and risk management;
  • to establish long term partnerships with Suppliers who share commitment on Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

The Gruppo Campari defines in the Ethical Code the principles and the guidelines for corporate social responsibility and business conduct, with main reference, but not limited to: employee protection, respect of working standards and equal opportunities. 

The Gruppo Campari QHSE and CSR policy applies to all sites and business functions that have the responsibility of deploying it taking into account on the peculiar specificities of the site. Every site is in charge of the definition of objectives, programs and constantly monitored measurable goals, identifying priorities that meet the requirements defined by the international standards and the QHSE guidelines of Gruppo Campari. This Policy is periodically reviewed so as to be updated and aligned to the Company goals dimension and nature. The Policy is communicated to all suppliers, stakeholders, employees and customers, and made public. Gruppo Campari is committed to the continuous improvement of its Policy and its programs and to implement procedures, rules and instructions apt to assure that the values expressed in this Policy are reflected in the behaviours of every employee and partner.

Gruppo Campari, by applying this Policy, feels it is contributing and assuring present and future generations with the conditions and instruments for a better quality of life.

All the staff of the Gruppo Campari is held to contribute to the promotion and implementation of this Policy, to the extent of any individual responsibility. 

We consider health, human safety and food safety more important than anything else. In order to achieve this objective, in the balance between life and sustainable development, we want to protect and preserve the environment in which we live: our Earth.

Last updated May 29 2018