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As the first and most direct ambassadors of Gruppo Campari, Camparistas, who embody our corporate values, are essential resources for ensuring the Group’s growth.


Campari and Camparistas: a continuous dialogue

In the firm belief that a company’s success is increasingly linked to its ability to understand and respond to the expectations of the people who belong to it, since 2008, Gruppo Campari has carried out every two years an internal survey for analysing the organizational climate within the Group.

In 2016, Gruppo Campari redoubled its efforts and decided to adopt a new methodology for its fifth internal study, which it carried out in conjunction with the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) to ensure complete impartiality and respect for privacy.

Unlike in previous years, thanks to its co-operation with GPTW, it was possible to compare the results obtained with those of other companies that are considered particularly virtuous, and include new questions focusing particularly on diversity issues, which were not included in previous versions.


 Standard questions have been subdivided into the following categories:


 Some specific questions



Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

nationalities-campari.pngThe Group espouses multi-ethnicity in all its sites. Conscious of the value of diversity as a growth driver, Gruppo Campari continues to attract and value people of different ages, cultures, genders and origins in all its business units.





The responses to the five questions on diversity in the GPTW questionnaire by Camparistas throughout the world confirm that the Group practises diversity in its broadest sense:



Some diversity initiatives in the countries in which the Group is present

Every year, Campari Australia is required to complete the Workplace Gender Equality Report, as stipulated by the government agency, Workplace Gender Equality. The questionnaire contains a series of questions addressed to the 164 Camparistas aimed at verifying actual compliance with gender equality at the workplace via the guarantee of equal opportunities, bonuses and incentives for all Camparistas regardless of gender. One of the key figures in the report was that in 2016, 64.7% of Camparistas who were promoted were women. In addition, Campari Australia took part in the Women in Drinks Function initiative, promoted by the industry’s Drinks Association, of which Campari is a member and plays a key role on the board, aimed at making the traditionally male-dominated beverage segment increasingly diversified and inclusive.

The EducaCampari initiative, launched in 2009, continued during the year; its aim is to offer financial assistance for the purchase of school materials, provide transport to school, and organise educational courses for the children of Camparistas, especially employees on low income. In 2016, 113 children benefited from grants awarded by the company.

United States
In addition to sponsoring the Gay Pride events in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles, Campari US, via its SKYY Vodka brand, works with the NGO, Freedom for All, to support equality for all people regardless of their sexual orientation. SKYY Vodka is also the official brand partner of the TV series, Transparent, winner of the Golden Globe 2015, which tells of the transgender world, and promotes respect for all diversities and the culture of gender equality.
As confirmation of the company’s commitment to the promotion of social integration, Campari America took part in a recruitment event for retired soldiers, which offered war veterans the opportunity to access the world of work.

Campari Italia has signed an agreement with Jobmetoo, a professional company specialising in the selection and integration of vulnerable people into the workplace. Jobmetoo’s mission is to help people with disabilities find a job that suits their capabilities, and put candidates and companies in contact with each other.


Human capital: training and professional development

In 2016, Gruppo Campari invested over € 2.7 million in training: 20% more than the previous year. More investment is also being spent on internal resources for training Camparistas.

In 2016, Gruppo Campari made a commitment to implement an innovative, strategic resource management system by adopting an interactive digital platform, SAP SuccessFactors; the intention was to further support Camparistas throughout the world in their career development and professional growth using a unique global approach. Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors, in 2017, all employees and managers will be able to assess their own performance, update their documents in real time and share individual growth plans with their managers using the Global Individual Performance Review, a tool already used in the past to contribute to continuous performance improvement and greater corporate efficiency.

This commitment will help Human Resources to adopt more consistent, Group-wide management practices across all the sites, while at the same time giving employees more autonomy in their career development path within the company.


The main global training programmes provided by Gruppo Campari

Courses that continue from previous years:


Campari Way of People Management
Management development programme for Camparistas.


Campari Lead to Succeed
Since the introduction in 2014 of this programme designed to train the future managerial class, 80 people have taken part, starting from its first version, including 13 in 2016.


Finance Academy
In 2016, 46 people attended the Finance Academy training programme, bringing the total for its three versions to 64 employees.


Marketing Academy
Gruppo Campari’s oldest academy has been completely redeveloped and is ready to be relaunched in 2017. The programme is designed for Camparistas employed in the marketing segment, and aims to establish and promulgate uniform wording and approaches across the marketing teams of the whole Group.



Campari Way of Coaching
The Way of Coaching programme, which was launched with the aim of developing key talents in the company and disseminating the skills, expertise and experience necessary for success, has been completed by a total of 49 managers and executives.


Finance for Non Finance
A new course, Finance for Non Finance, created as a branch of the wider financial training programme, is being developed for 2017. Its aim is to disseminate financial skills to Camparistas who work in other corporate functions. It will consist of one e-learning module for all participants and one module of class lessons for managers.


Commercial Academy
This programme was launched in 2016, based on Australian best practice, for the continuous training of all the sales teams via a Campari Way of Selling. This consists of a demand-driven approach that puts customers, shoppers and consumers at the heart of sales policies, in order to improve return on investment, creating sustainable longterm partnerships. In the last quarter of 2016, the new American sales force for the on-trade channel (Ho- ReCa) was fully trained in this new approach. In 2017, a global module will be introduced for account managers, and from 2018, a pilot programme for senior management so that they will be equipped to tackle future challenges in executive positions. The aim is to train and develop people internally, offering them high-level training and thus achieve a competitive advantage.


Product Knowledge Training
The first two fully-automated modules (Campari and Wild Turkey) of the training course, aimed at disseminating knowledge of our global priority brands throughout the Group’s entire sales force, were successfully launched during the year. Three more modules (Aperol, SKYY Vodka and Appleton Estate) will be launched in early 2017. The programme will also be made available to all Camparistas via the Campus e-learning platform.

Camparistas’ involvement in the environment, well-being and social activities

The activities promoted by Gruppo Campari to enhance the work/life balance are continuing. The Group recognises the need to provide flexible, temporary or permanent working arrangements, based on differing requirements. Moreover, programmes aimed at providing healthier lifestyles are continuously being introduced in the Group’s offices and plants. These include the provision of fitness areas for Camparistas, the dissemination of educational materials on healthy eating and good eating habits, and the development of partnerships with local companies to supply wholesome snacks, fresh fruit and healthy drinks.
In this regard, the Great Place to Work questionnaire paid particular attention to the issue of improving the well-being of Camparistas in all our sites.


Main projects developed


Eco Campari

Created in 2012 in Brazil, this project was extended to all the Group’s business units in 2013, helping to raise awareness among Camparistas of the importance of environmental sustainability by adopting small, simple daily actions, which, taken together, make a difference. In 2015, for example, Campari Austria GmbH developed various green practices in line with the philosophy of Eco Campari. These included promoting corporate car sharing (e.g. Zipcar, Poolcar), using 100% renewable energy in offices, using bicycle couriers in the urban area of Vienna, streamlining the logistics of product packaging activities, and managing waste via separate waste collection.

Family Day

Some of the Group’s units organise activities involving Camparistas’ families. These include:

Employee Family Day Picnic-San Francisco

This is a time of training and raising awareness about ecological issues for children of the Camparistas who work at the Lawrenceburg distillery in Kentucky.

Take Your Children to Work Day-San Francisco
This programme, which was developed in 2015, aims to introduce children to the world of work by allowing them to carry out concrete tasks under the supervision of their parents.

Happy Campari Day 2016-Brasile
Following on from the success of the last event, 53 children of Camparistas attended Happy Day Campari, where they had the opportunity of spending a special day in the company of their parents, learning about their working environment.


United States
Campari Health Squad: the Group continued with its activities to promote specific initiatives for the well-being and health of Camparistas, carried out by a team of volunteers.

Walktober: employees, organised in teams, were provided with a step-counting device, and challenged themselves in a walking competition during the whole of October.

Other activities include a periodic review of work stations to ensure an optimal ergonomic configuration, and the offer of flu vaccinations for employees.

During the year, Campari Mexico S.A. de C.V. sought to increase the involvement and motivation of Camparistas at the Guadalajara plant by creating new communal areas (e.g. Campari bar, games zone, reading and relaxation room, restaurant and more modern offices, and an auditorium for seminars and internal training activities). In the new Campari Bar, for example, various initiatives were promoted (i.e. Become a Brand Ambassador, Happy Hour and Social Friday) designed to strengthen the integration of Camparistas belonging to different corporate functions, brand knowledge and team spirit within the company.

Campari Mexico S.A. de C.V. also came to an agreement with a local sports club to offer Camparistas the opportunity to take part in a six-week fitness and weight control programme, free of charge, under the supervision of a qualified nutritional trainer. Lastly, a home-to-work shuttle service has been organised for Camparistas.

Health and nutritional education. Emails and flyers are sent to Camparistas each week with information about health and well-being to raise awareness of good practices that can be adopted and to share knowledge about the most common illnesses. In addition, presentations to Camparistas by qualified nutritionists, as well as emails, flyers and posters are useful tools for promoting healthy eating. Lastly, ‘canteen talks’ during lunch breaks were organised at the staff restaurant to discuss particular issues associated with physical and mental health and healthy eating.

Physical activity. Periodic aerobics and yoga lessons are planned, and a weight-loss competition for Camparistas has been launched.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP). A programme has been launched to enable Camparistas and their families to have free, confidential access to a consultancy service for advice on finance and other matters, and to obtain nutritional advice from a qualified dietician.

Workplace Health and Safety Metrics. In 2016, Campari Australia Pty. Ltd. appointed a coordinator to ensure adherence to current health and safety standards and to implement improvements. The programme pays particular attention to the environmental impact of the Derrimut production plant, specifically around energy and water consumption, waste management and recycling.

Fitness Allowance. Employees receive a benefit of AUD 600 per annum to pay for their gym registration, lessons or sporting equipment.

At the Sesto San Giovanni site, Camparistas may use a gym and attend fitness courses in the early mornings, lunch breaks and evenings after work.

In addition, more and more Camparistas are taking advantage of the opportunity to work at home. Teleworking is a useful tool to enable Camparistas to efficiently manage their work/life balance according to their specific needs.


Last updated Jun 01 2018