Our people 2017

As the first and most direct ambassadors of Campari Group, Camparistas, who embody our corporate values, are essential resources for ensuring the Group’s growth.

Campari and Camparistas: a continuous dialogue

Campari Group’s continuous growth contributes significantly to a progressive expansion in workforce diversity and complexity. The Human Resources (HR) function, whose primary role is to attract, develop and involve individuals to support the organization’s growth, is undergoing a transformation in order to equip itself to appropriately support the Group’s development. In particular, we are progressively digitalising the Human Resources IT system so that it can support global processes and practices in a harmonised and synchronised way. It was decided to adopt this global infrastructure by developing it in several phases: in 2017, the system for managing the performance of Camparistas was implemented, and systems to manage the recruitment, compensation and development of talents will also be launched in the next few years.

In the firm belief that a company’s success is increasingly linked to its ability to understand and respond to the expectations of the people who belong to it, since 2008, Gruppo Campari has carried out every two years an internal survey for analyzing the organizational climate within the Group. During 2017, the Group kept on working on data from the 2016 Camparista Survey, which was carried out in partnership with the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW). Thanks to this collaboration it was possible to compare the results obtained with those of other companies that are considered particularly virtuous, and include new questions focusing particularly on diversity issues, which were not included in previous versions.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The Group promotes multi-ethnicity in all its sites. Conscious of the value of diversity as a growth driver, Campari Group continues to attract and value people of different ages, cultures, genders and origins in all its business units. 

Nationalities 2017

Some diversity initiatives in the countries where the Group operates

United States
Out of the Employee Survey carried out in 2016, Campari America has identified ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ as two key areas of interest. In 2017, it therefore introduced the ‘Diversity Dashboard’, a document that identifies measures to track and monitor the demographic composition of the workforce, new hires/promotions and outgoing personnel. In addition, a training course on ‘unconscious prejudices’ has been scheduled for the first quarter of 2018, with the aim of raising awareness, in order to create an inclusive culture that identifies and helps to eliminate unintentional prejudices and preconceptions.

Campari Brazil is encouraging HR practices aimed at promoting diversity within its current and potential pool of employees. In particular, benefiting from the consultancy of EmpregueAfro and TransEmpregos, the Group in Brazil is fostering the inclusion in the workplace of African descent and transgender employees. ‘Equality’ and ‘inclusion’ were also the key themes of the ‘DiversityBbox’ workshop held at the São Paulo offices with the aim of raising the awareness of employees and inspiring them so that they are not only prepared to interact with a diverse team, but also to promote such diversity in the workplace.

South Africa
In South Africa, all companies with a workforce and net turnover above a certain threshold are legally required to present hiring plans that reflect the demographic composition of the economically active population and to implement proactive occupational practices that increase the representation of specific minorities. Campari Group’s South African office has therefore introduced the ‘Employment Equity Planning Dashboard’, with the aim of ensuring that the principles of equality and fairness are incorporated in all occupational aspects, including the hiring, training, promotion and retention of the workforce. Campari South Africa has also launched a partnership with Altitude, a local company that specialises in helping to reintegrate workers with disabilities.

In 2017, Campari Australia launched a collaboration with Serendis, a leading organization in the development of cutting-edge mentoring programmes and structured strategies to promote corporate growth through inclusion. Of the various programmes developed, Campari Australia is taking part in the ‘Women in Drink Mentoring’ programme. Serendis has also helped Campari Australia to outline a clear and balanced framework of how the culture of inclusion is perceived and effectively spread throughout the workplace, and then to identify the levers and opportunities to increase the organization’s ability to innovate while valuing different individuals and cultures. The survey focused on analysing the following specific areas: level of understanding, awareness and commitment to developing a diverse work environment; perception within the Group of the management team’s approach to inclusion; synergies and discrepancies between the perceptions of management and employees relating to the culture of inclusion. After an initial assessment, Serendis formulated a robust, detailed strategy to encourage diversity and inclusion for Campari Australia, setting out a clear vision and identifying the actions needed to achieve it.

Human capital: training and professional development

Campari Group believes in developing the skills of its people as a driver to increase its effectiveness in the market and its responsiveness in seizing new opportunities, coping with uncertainty and adapting to change. This development is reflected in three main areas: functional, inter-functional and leadership excellence. Increasingly sophisticated Academies are developing aligned and efficient organizations and increasingly up-to-date functional skills. Especially designed training courses are aimed at augmenting awareness and inter-functional knowledge, allowing individual Camparistas to identify ways in their daily work to add value to other functions, thereby generating a potentially infinite source of possibilities to create value. Pursuing leadership excellence in Campari Group means developing individuals who, through engagement, managerial competence and their way of living Campari values, can help develop the business and all other Camparistas. A cocktail of training based on experiences, new digital tools and mutual everyday examples is the way we will achieve this goal in Campari Group.

In 2017, Campari Group invested over € 3.4 million in training: 26% more than the previous year. More  investment is also being spent on internal resources for training Camparistas.

The main global training programmes provided by Campari Group.

The main global training programmes provided by Campari Group:

Courses that continue from previous years:

Campari Way of People Management
The programme is designed to build solid and consistent common ground among countries and cultures about what a Campari manager IS and DOES. Based on 360-degree feedback and coaching, it focuses on what constitutes the real basis for developing the managerial style of our Camparistas: the Camparistas themselves.

Campari Way of Coaching
Campari Group is continuously committed to developing the excellence of its people and wants to get the best out of its key talents, providing its leaders with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed. We have continued developing the Campari Way of Coaching programme in selected business units with the aim of implementing a coaching culture within the entire business. During the course of the year, a new edition was started in North America.

Campari Lead to Succeed
The Lead to Succeed programme continued with its development centre and in 2017 introduced an innovative workshop in which 28 senior Support Functions leaders helped to create a new identity and role for their own functions. Since its introduction in 2014, more than 110 managers have taken part in one of the programme’s various initiatives.

Finance Academy and Finance for Non Finance
The fourth edition of the Finance Academy, an in-depth strategic alignment programme, has begun. In 2017, the Finance function led the Group’s developmental training at cross-functional level. A new e-learning module – ‘Finance for Non-Finance Basics’ – was created to help introduce financial and accounting concepts to employees who might have to deal with issues in this area. In addition, a more advanced ‘Finance for Non-Finance’ classroom-based programme was developed and run locally by senior finance managers.

Marketing Academy
The Marketing Academy, Campari Group’s first functional academy, was completely revamped and relaunched in 2017, with all business units taking part in a global coordinated effort. The programme is aimed at establishing a common language and approach for all Camparistas in marketing teams in the Campari world.

Commercial Academy
The Commercial Academy is a comprehensive training programme aimed at aligning business practices in the Campari world – from basic sales models to managing accounts and distributors – so that Camparistas can adapt to the different roles and particular features of different markets. It is a global module that aims to support sales managers and directors in becoming decisive factors for the development of the sales force of the entire Group.

Product Knowledge Training
Campari Group believes that digital training is now a key tool for increasing understanding of our brands and our business at every level throughout the organisation. For this reason, a comprehensive, interactive e-learning programme about on our Global Priorities has been available to all employees since 2017, and in the near future will also be disseminated to our external partners, distributors and promoters.

Campus 2.0
Campari Group is one of the first companies in the world and the very first in Italy to introduce a new social learning platform, Campus 2.0. This online platform, which brings together 2 million items of free training content from more than 1,700 sources, provides e-learning, videos, articles and manuals of all types and subjects in real time. Campus 2.0, which will be accessible to all Camparistas in the first quarter of 2018, is a longterm investment that will, on the one hand, help stimulate individual curiosity and responsibility as a driver of professional development, and on the other, serve as a tool for greater knowledge-sharing among colleagues and as a managerial lever.

Camparistas’ involvement in the environment, well-being and social activities

The activities promoted by Campari Group foster the well-being of Camparistas and improve their work-life balance continue to multiply. Programmes are continually introduced at the Group’s offices and facilities to encourage a healthier lifestyle, including the provision of fitness areas, the distribution of educational material on good eating habits. The Group recognises that, in line with changes in its organization, it has now become necessary to develop and introduce more effective ways of working based on trust, responsibility, collaboration and flexibility, allowing all Camparistas to work some of their hours away from the office. To promote this way of working in all the countries where it operates, the Group has developed global Smart Working guidelines that will be deployed locally during 2018.


Main projects developed



Campari Australia organised a workshop called ‘Getting your Inbox to Zero’ to help reduce work stress. The participants were taught how to empty their inboxes at the start of each day to enable them to keep their email flow under control and therefore concentrate better and increase productivity.

south africa

Following the success of the Discovery Health education sessions held in 2017, Campari South Africa plans to organise a day dedicated to the well-being of Camparistas in 2018, called ‘Employee Wellness Day’. On this day, Camparistas will take part in information sessions on wellness in the workplace delivered by an external health services provider. As part of its promotion of the pension programme for Camparistas, Campari South Africa will also hold an ‘Employee Retirement Planning Day’ to enable every Camparista to spend a day planning their retirement.


The Campari Challenge fitness programme continued in 2017. Campari Challenge is a health competition in which teams of four employees, with the support of external specialists, follow a six-week sports programme that includes cardiovascular exercises and a nutritional plan, to help them improve their physical condition and develop healthier habits and lifestyles. A nutritionist assesses the results of all the participants every week and sets training and diet programmes according to their physical ability. The winning Camparistas will receive a prize for best team and a prize for best individual performance.


A new fitness centre has been opened at the head office at Sesto San Giovanni which is about 40% bigger than the old centre. The company gym, which is open in the early morning, at lunchtime and after working hours, comprises a weights/equipment room and a room for courses that can respectively accommodate 50 and 35 people. Another 12 meeting rooms have also been created. The creation of these new spaces is part of the ‘Building More Value Together’ programme and aims to facilitate team meetings and activities to encourage communication and teamwork.

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