Community involvement 2015

 Gruppo Campari is committed to promoting excellence, entrepreneurship and equal opportunities in the communities in which it operates.

In all countries in which it operates through its own organisation, Gruppo Campari has always approached local community entities in order to contribute to the social development of the area and generate a positive impact over the long term. In Italy, for example, it reconfirmed its objective of supporting and enhancing the historic and artistic heritage related to Gruppo Campari. In Jamaica, the Group focuses on supporting the social well-being and health of the local population, while in the US, its focus is on supporting the local community.

In 2015, Gruppo Campari invested € 268,000 in the management of charity projects to meet specific local needs. Examples of some of the most notable initiatives are reported below.

As noted in 2014, one of the biggest initiatives financed by the Group in Italy is Galleria Campari, a display space housing some of the Company’s artistic and cultural heritage, to which entry is free and open to all. In 2015, it attracted more than 10,000 visitors, including approximately 2,500 Italian and international students, in part through the numerous events it organises. Some of these were under the umbrella of national and international initiatives, including European Heritage Days, Museum Nights and the Business Culture Week.





5 The figure does not include spending on cultural activities (e.g. Galleria Campari) and that donated through initiatives linked to the marketing of individual brands.




Last updated May 30 2018