Our People

Camparistas are the first ambassadors of our Group around the world and one of the most important assets in assuring the success of our business. Nurturing each unique talent is crucial to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the market.

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Responsible Marketing

Gruppo Campari actively promotes a culture of responsible drinking, having the deep conviction that its brands are a way to enjoy pleasurable moments, celebrations and sociable occasions.

Our Group strongly condemns excessive, inappropriate or illegal consumption of alcohol.

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Responsible Sourcing

Gruppo Campari's focus is on providing the best products possible to our customers and consumers, and aims to reach this objective by always choosing superior, top-tier business partners.

Establishing fair, transparent and loyal relationships enables our Group to offer products of the highest quality while constantly delivering a competitive advantage.

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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Consumer safety and worker wellbeing are key factors for Gruppo Campari's business: this is why Health and Safety in the workplace and protection of the Environment are the milestones upon which our Group bases its production activities.

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Community Involvement

In the last few years, Gruppo Campari has grown significantly both in terms of geographical expansion and number of people employed, and it is now directly present in several countries with different social landscapes.

For this reason, our group is committed to promoting excellence, entrepreneurship and equal opportunities in each of our trading countries.

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At Campari Group we have always been adherent to responsible and sustainable behaviors doing business with the utmost integrity and correctness. Nevertheless, looking and listening to the environment that surrounds our business, we have become aware of the importance of sharing our efforts towards sustainability.

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Sustainability Campari 2019