Skyy90 debuts in New York with design with a twist

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – September 7, 2005– SKYY90, the modern luxury vodka with superior taste by design, launches Design with a Twist, the ultimate celebration of the modern martini experience, on September 7th with an exclusive party at the new Stone Rose Lounge in New York City. Inspired by SKYY90’s innovation, the purest expression of vodka ever made, Design with a Twist highlights four designers and their vision of the modern martini experience. For the New York premiere event, designers Scott Bromley, Laura Day, Libby Langdon and Antony Todd will each design, create and style a modern bar in their unique styles.

SKYY90’s Design with a Twist events benefit DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), one of the oldest and largest fundraisers for HIV/AIDS service and education programs in the U.S. DIFFA grants funds to organizations which fight AIDS by providing preventive education programs targeted to populations at risk of infection, treatment and direct-care services for people living with AIDS, and public policy initiatives which add resources to private sector efforts.

“The Design with a Twist program represents SKYY90’s commitment to superior taste through higher design,“ said Paul Fuegner, Vice President Marketing for SKYY Spirits, LLC.“We are proud to both support DIFFA and work with each of the talented designers for SKYY90’s New York debut. SKYY90, DIFFA and four gifted designers at Stone Rose Lounge exemplify the modern martini experience.”

“SKYY90’s dedication to supporting emerging designers makes the Design with a Twist program a natural fit for DIFFA,” said David Sheppard, Executive Director of DIFFA. “We look forward to a great launch event in New York and more events in other cities next year.”

The New York Design with a Twist event features four different artists and designers utilizing different bar tools and mediums to create a modern martini experience. Each designer starts with the same basic bar frame to create unique stand alone bars, perfect for preparing and enjoying SKYY90’s modern martini. The New York Design with a Twist event features creations from:

  • Scott Bromley ( is a senior partner at Bromley Caldari Architects, a design oriented, problem solving Architecture and Interior Design firm located in New York City. Bromley’s work has been published in numerous magazines and journals all over the world.
  •  Laura Day Design ( creates from the premise that every space, commercial or residential, can be transformed to fulfill its functionality and express a sense of beauty and personality; and Day herself travels the country to bring her design sense to TLC's "Trading Spaces" program.
  •  Libby Langdon ( is an interior designer and host of the new FOX makeover TV show "Design Invasion", premiering on September 13th, who has also appeared in numerous films and television shows, and produced films with actors like Robert Duvall and Michael Keaton.
  •  Antony Todd ( is one of New York's premier event designers and florists, and his simple, elegant aesthetic is coveted by the city's tastemakers, who enlist his transformative capabilities for their most important events.

SKYY90 launched in major metropolitan areas of California and Florida in May and continues to roll out to limited markets including New York, Arizona, Colorado, and Ohio through the end of 2005. The grassroots marketing program brought to life the modern martini experience through highly successful and exclusive events for those who appreciate superior taste by design. Drawing thousands of architects, artists, designers, engineers and journalists, the events celebrated all aspects of modern design, including style, architecture, design, technology and innovation.

Committed to elevating vodka quality standards, SKYY90 was developed in a new multi-million dollar distillery with a centralized control system that monitors over 100 different points of the process. Master Distiller Randall Schrick designed a revolutionary and proprietary finishing stage that removes remaining water and by-products from the fermentation process, to create the first-ever 100% distillate. The result, SKYY90 delivers a smooth and luxurious taste utilizing the highest grade of amber winter wheat that optimizes flavor characteristics for the modern martini experience.

Ninety proof and inspired by modern design and luxury cultural trends, SKYY90 is presented in 50 ml, 750 ml, 1 Liter sizes with clear high grade glass showcasing the liquid with a hint of SKYY cobalt blue at its base.

Publishing date: 
07 Sep 2005
Last updated May 14 2013