Skyy launches succulent orange vodka Exotic Ingredients Set SKYY Orange Apart, Round Out Line of Flavored Vodkas

With no preservative or artificial ingredients, SKYY Orange delivers an all-natural blend of mouthwatering flavors that sets it apart from other vodkas. Given the proven success of orange-flavored spirits, SKYY Orange is a refreshing, no carbohydrate alternative to sugary liquors.

Delicious cocktails featuring SKYY Orange include:

  • SKYY Orange-tini SKYY Orange, lime juice and splash of lemon-lime soda
  • SKYY Code Orange SKYY Orange and energy drink
  • SKYY Orange Cosmo SKYY Orange, triple sec and a splash of cranberry juice

“SKYY has the fastest growing flavors among premium vodkas and SKYY Orange offers cocktail enthusiasts delicious, new orange-flavored vodka consistent with the exceptional quality of SKYY Vodka,” said Paul Fuegner, Vice President Marketing, SKYY Spirits, LLC.

Flavored vodka represents 26 percent of all vodka consumption in 2004, rising from 20 percent in 2003 (IRI Scanner Data Total Food, Drug ending April 18 ‘04). SKYY Orange further strengthens SKYY’s super premium vodka line, bringing to six the company’s flavored vodkas including: SKYY Melon™, SKYY Berry®, SKYY Vanilla®, SKYY Spiced®, and SKYY Citrus®. SKYY Orange features an eye-catching, bright orange logo treatment on SKYY’s signature cobalt blue bottle. The launch will be supported by an integrated marketing effort including advertising, on and off premise promotions, public relations, and sampling events.

Available in 750 ml, 1 liter and 50 ml sizes nationwide, 70 Proof SKYY Orange is the fall season’s freshest new spirit.

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SKYY Vodka
SKYY is one of the fastest growing spirits globally and the leading domestic super premium vodka in the United States. SKYY’s state-of-the-art process of quadruple distillation and triple filtration yields the highest quality and ultimately smooth vodka. In addition to 80 Proof SKYY Vodka, the SKYY Flavors include all natural SKYY Orange, SKYY Melon, SKYY Spiced, SKYY Vanilla, SKYY Berry, and SKYY Citrus. SKYY Cosmo Mix, a non-alcoholic cosmopolitan mixer, SKYY Blue and SKYY Sport, flavored malt beverages jointly marketed with Miller Brewing Company, complete the line of available SKYY products. (

SKYY Spirits
SKYY Spirits, LLC is one of the fastest growing global spirits companies. Originator of SKYY Vodka, the leading domestic super premium vodka in the cobalt blue bottle, Skyy Spirits is a subsidiary of Milan-based Gruppo Campari with exclusive US distribution rights for other leading brands including Campari, Cutty Sark, 1800 tequila & Gran Centenario tequilas and Ron Matusalem Rums

Publishing date: 
17 Aug 2004
Last updated May 06 2013