The reopening of camparino in galleria

The iconic bar - synonymous with the Milanese aperitivo - reopened yesterday, unveiling its new look and a fresh range of cocktails and food

Milano, Piazza Duomo - 11/13/2019 The iconic Camparino in Galleria - the birthplace of the Milanese aperitivo - reopened its doors to the city last night. Campari Group marked the relaunch with an exclusive event attended by the authorities, with guests given a preview at the renovated space ahead of its opening to clients tomorrow.

It was a chance for the guests to admire Camparino in Galleria’s new look, created thanks to a restyling project led by Lissoni Associati design studio. The new style has succeeded in preserving and emphasising the historic heritage and Art Nouveau detailing of the bar, while at the same time creating a new identity for the present and future.

Sala Spiritello, located on the first floor and with a panoramic view over Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, has been reworked with a design style and furniture that make it the perfect setting in which to enjoy the new cocktail and food menu. The room is also home to the original Spiritello by the painter and illustrator Leonetto Cappiello. Produced in 1921, the artwork has become an unmistakeable symbol of the Campari brand.

The historic Bar di Passo, on the ground floor, has been subtly renovated to showcase its Art Nouveau heritage and make the space more consumer oriented.

Finally, the new Sala Gaspare Campari has been unveiled in the basement. This reclaimed space was originally used as a storeroom but will now play host to bartending courses, tastings and private events.

It was in the Sala Gaspare Campari that Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Campari Group, officially presented the bar’s new concept to the guests, assisted by the chef of the new Camparino in Galleria kitchen, Davide Oldani.

The relaunched venue serves an innovative range of drink and food with a focus on quality, using gastronomic ingredients and cocktails from the traditional to more contemporary, original creations.

At the heart of the new Camparino's food offering there is Pan’cot, created by Davide Oldani. Translating literally as “roasted bread”, Pan’cot is made using the finest wholegrain flours and serves as the base for delicious combinations of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, allowing the diverse nature of Italian cuisine to shine through. Available as both a sweet and a savoury dish, Pan’cot is conceived to be paired with the many cocktails that make Camparino in Galleria so unique.

As well as introducing Pan’cot, the Bar di Passo maintains the distinctive menu that has delighted the people of Milan for years, offering something for any time of the day - from breakfast right through to aperitivo hour. The cocktail menu remains a celebration of those great, timeless classics that have gone down in the history of Campari: Campari Seltz, the bar’s signature, Negroni, Milano-Torino and many more.

The relaunched Camparino in Galleria's commitment to the highest standards of quality is underpinned by the fact that all food served will be produced each day in the venue’s very own kitchen and bakery.

An iconic Milan establishment for over 100 years, Camparino is reborn today”, said Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Offer of Campari Group, “As well as being synonymous with the aperitivo tradition, Camparino is now an innovative bar serving up an exceptional range of cocktails and food. We’re proud to say that the birthplace of the Milanese ritual of the aperitivo is now home to a new ritual”. Camparino in Galleria will be open to clients from Thursday 14 November.

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Camparino in Galleria

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13 Nov 2019
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