'Passion' leaves its mark

Milan, 25 January 2001 -Campari rings in 2001 with a new spot from their "Red Passion" campaign, first launched three years ago to promote the Group's flagship brand: Campari.

A duel with overtones of the most noble traditions of chivalry, a palace out of "1001 Nights" in the magic heart of Rajastan in an India deeply tinted with the red and ochre shades of the eastern deserts, a landscape outside time, stirring music and suspense. These are the key elements in the new Campari spot in which passion becomes a timeless challenge.
Following the success of the first ad of the Red Passion campaign, launched in 1998, Campari decided to continue its high-impact communication approach, emphasising the elements such as powerful emotions, transgression and contemporary feel that have always been the distinctive features of the brand.
Created by the agency D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, the inventors of the "Scratch" and produced by BRW & Partners, the ad was directed by Tarsem, who, despite his recent cinema success, has not left the advertising field. Campari decided once more to call on the skills of a director like Tarsem, now well-known for his extraordinary ability to translate powerful emotions into moving images.
The ad will be aired from 28 January to 19 February 2001 on all major television channels in Italy (Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre, Canale 5, Italia Uno, Retequattro, TMC, Telepiù and Stream). From 1 February to 8 March 2001 it will also be seen in 673 cinemas throughout Italy in a total of over 55.000 showings.

The city of Jodhpur in India. The high plain above the city stretches out under a clear blue sky.
In the middle of the space two men square off for a duel. Meanwhile a limousine with smoked glass windows slowly approaches. When it is a short distance away it halts.
The duellists, one 25 years old, the other a little older, look towards the car and bow respectfully. The window slides down to reveal a beautiful woman within. Young and elegant, she returns their salute and the duel begins.
The two fence courageously along a red carpet while the woman looks on, intrigued, from the interior of the limousine. Between her hands she is holding a glass of Campari. The first thrusts vigorously but the second parries and counter-attacks no less vigorously.
The clashing of their blades rings through the air until the younger receives a cut on the cheek. A tremor of concern passes across the woman's face and a few drops of Campari spill from her glass onto the fabric of her dress.
The chauffeur glances at the beautiful woman through the rear view mirror while the younger duellist removes his hand from his cheek, revealing the cut. He remains frozen in shock. He has lost.
Meanwhile his adversary strolls towards the limousine, secure in his victory. But the woman, with a mysterious look, immediately closes the window, in which we see the reflection of the man's face. We see that he too has a cut on his cheek. The young loser smiles with satisfaction. The chauffeur turns towards the woman showing his whole face for the first time. He too has an old duelling scar on his cheek. The car draws away. The man who believed he was the winner falls to his knees in desperation. On the screen appear the letters: Campari. Red Passion.

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25 Jan 2001
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