Milan, 14 September 2005 - In relation to the indiscretions published today by Finanza&Mercati, the Campari Group communicates that Marco Perelli-Cippo (former Chief Executive Officer and current member of the Board of Directors of Davide Campari – Milano S.p.A.) declared not to be in any way involved in the transaction outlined in the article.

In response, Mr. Perelli-Cippo stated: “I read with great surprise in today’s Finanza&Mercati that I had sold a substantial number of Campari shares. I’d like to specify that the news is groundless. Regarding my actual place on Campari’s Board of Directors, I am happy to cover and retain my position as director, to which I was appointed with the confidence of the board."

Publishing date: 
14 Sep 2005
Last updated May 15 2013