A new look for Campari

Milan, May 2006

– In order to continue and affirm its leadership, Campari has undergone a thorough revamp, both in style and graphic format. The best-known aperitif in the world is showing off its new elegance with the natural aplomb reminiscent of the legend it truly is, but without distorting the unrivalled style it has boasted for years: the visual aspect is refined, the bottle is more slender and the logo is presented with pride thanks to greater clarity and visibility.

The whole restyling exercise was conducted by Claessens International, a leading agency based in London specialising in design and brand consultancy. This partnership resulted in the brand being showcased perfectly in its new bottle, capable of conveying brand values and meanings as well as embracing new generations.

Since it was first created in 1860, Campari has always communicated using the graphical language and stylistic tones of the period, anticipating trends and establishing itself as an icon of fashion and style. From listening to opera and chamber music, generations have passed through to the rhythms of swing, rock, house and lounge music: always there, Campari has always been on the scene.
Adapting to the new generations, to the renewal of tastes and shapes that the alcoholic beverage market has experienced and which is increasingly seen in the style of bottles, Campari is once again spot on; reinventing the rules but certainly not becoming a fashion victim.

“Our last brand update took place in 1999 - says Jean Jacques Dubau, Deputy Group Marketing Officer – and we thought that it was the right time to consider a new graphic format for Campari that would enable the brand to be showcased to its best advantage in the future whilst retaining its personality and values: passion, style and contemporaneity. An image capable of communicating to existing and new clients alike.”

Publishing date: 
03 May 2006
Last updated Feb 15 2013