J.Wray & Nephew support to PSOJ Covid‐19 Jamaica Response Fund

April 6, 2020

Mr. Keith Duncan
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ)
39 Hope Road,
Kingston 10


Dear Keith,


I write with reference to your letter of request for cash support and marketing support for the PSOJ COVID‐19 JAMAICA RESPONSE FUND.

As you are aware, J. Wray & Nephew Limited (JWN) is Jamaica’s oldest registered company and the number one wine and spirits producer on the island. With this rich history we feel it is our duty to respond to whatever challenge Jamaica is facing and to become a catalyst in the fight to protect ‘Jamaica, land we love’. To this end, we are pleased to commit Jamaican Five Million Dollars (J$5,000,000) toward the creation of a

Jamaica Response Fund.

This is the latest response from J. Wray & Nephew Limited in the coronavirus/COVID‐19 fight. Thus far we have donated 50,000 litres of high strength alcohol and 20,000 litres of hand sanitizers to the national health service, through the National Health Fund (NHF). Closer to home, we have:

  • paid our Team members early to ensure that they could meet their families’ needs
  • delivered hand sanitizers to every staff member and every contractor
  • protected our pensioners by providing hand sanitizers to every JWN pensioner
  • helped to secure at risk groups within our communities, including, but not limited to, infirmaries, children’s homes, and the societies for the deaf and blind
  • protected our volunteers and our first responders – the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Jamaica Fire Brigade, (JFB), media, bankers and the tax authority (TAJ)
  • supported our customers and partners; and
  • protected the jobs and benefits of our Camparistas

As the crisis deepens, JWN will no doubt be called upon to extend our charity in support of various social programmes. Rest assured that we will answer in the affirmative, and act with alacrity in this fight against the coronavirus/COVID‐19. We will act because our brands are a critical part of the Jamaican tapestry; because our operations sit at the heart of communities with few economic opportunities and because it is the sustainable thing to do.

JWN is a part of the Campari Group and this requires a strict accountability framework. This requires that we confirm that funds have been used as per the request and we have had the desirable impact through our programmes, projects and initiatives. We are confident that this requirement is consistent with the PSOJ’s own tenets and that of the CVSS. As proud members of both we offer the support of our Senior Director of Finance, Mark McDonald to serve on your disbursement/funding committee.

The Senior Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability, Tanikie McClarthy Allen, will act as our main liaison on this project and as always our esteemed Chairman, Clement “Jimmy” Lawrence will continue to be our representative at the PSOJ.

Yours sincerely,



Jean‐Philippe Beyer (JP)

Managing Director jamaica response fund

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Publishing date: 
06 Apr 2020
Last updated May 15 2020