Interbrew Germany enters a new cooperation with Campari Group to launch Campari Mixx in the German market

Bremen, March 21, 2003. Interbrew Germany and Campari Group have signed an agreement to start launch activities for Campari Mixx on the German market from April onwards. The premium ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage by world-famous Italian spirits producer Campari Group will initially only be available at selected fashionable clubs and bars. Interbrew Germany views its activities for Campari Mixx as the beginning of a long-term partnership. “The market for so-called RTDs is growing fast,” says Roland Tobias, Commercial Director of Interbrew Germany. “And we want a piece of the action!“ According to Tobias, Interbrew was not only attracted by the potential added value: “Campari is an ideal partner for us to expand our product portfolio. Campari Mixx fits exactly to our target group. It will also help us meet demands from the trade for innovative, high-revenue products".

Stefan Jensen, Managing Director of Campari Deutschland GmbH, is also pleased with the new partnership: “We were able to gain a highly skilled partner in Interbrew Germany for our sales, marketing and PR activities needed for the launch of Campari Mixx. The company offers a unique, nation-wide team of experienced and highly professional sales staff, with precise knowledge of Campari Mixx target groups and excellent contacts to the catering, wholesale and retail trades. Interbrew is already represented in a large number of highly fashionable bars and clubs which fit perfectly to the Campari Mixx image. These are ideal prerequisites for the launch of Campari's new RTD in Germany."

Enzo Casati, Regional Director of Campari International added: “We are proud to have entered into this cooperation in Germany, which follows in the footsteps of the Campari Group's experience of numerous best practices around the globe. The key strength of this partnership will undoubtedly be the synergies formed between the Campari Group and Interbrew Germany. This business venture has therefore all the makings of success".

Unique flavour, distinctive packaging
Campari Mixx is a composition of Campari and grapefruit juice with a unique refreshing flavour. Its packaging is highly distinctive: the 0.275-litre longneck bottle is packaged in an eye-catching red sleeve. “Campari is a modern classic and one of Germany's best-known imported spirit. The Campari Mixx brand name gives the product a unique positioning and clearly distinguishes it from other RTDs based, for example, on vodka or rum,” explains Jörg Schäffken Marketing Director of Interbrew Germany. The double “X” signature gives the brand a modern, stylish and passionate image.

Catering trade launch
Campari Mixx will initially only be available at clubs and bars. “Long-term trends are initiated by the catering trade. Bars, clubs and lounges provide the ideal surroundings for establishing product awareness,” explains Uwe Albershardt, responsible for catering sales at Interbrew Germany. “We can gather a wealth of new experience in sales and expand our portfolio of beverages for the trade. What's more, Campari Mixx will help us take a major step towards tapping new customers who are not yet under contract!“

Original promotions in the “Mixx Zone”
The launch of Campari Mixx will be accompanied by a large number of nationwide personal promotion activities. True to the brand's claim of “Get into the Mixx Zone”, guests at selected establishments will be invited by conspicuously dressed promoters to enter the “Mixx Zone” to take part in contests, for example. Samplings are planned for smaller clubs and bars. “In addition to such personal promotions, we will be holding a number of events where consumers can experience the brand – in the true sense of the word,” says Jörg Schäffken.

Publishing date: 
21 Mar 2003
Last updated May 06 2013