Gruppo Campari Unveils New Glen Grant Visitor Center

Rothes, Scotland, May 29, 2008:
The new Glen Grant visitor center welcomes guests into the heart of "whisky as it should be”. As of today, visitors can begin their tour of the Glen Grant distillery and gardens at the new Visitor Center, which offers a selection of Whisky expressions for sale, memorabilia, and a relaxing tasting area all in the contemporary Scottish Glen Grant style.

“We proudly announced the Glen Grant acquisition in December 2005, which made us an important player in the fast-growing single male scotch whisky category,” said Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Gruppo Campari’s Chief Executive Officer. “Since then, we have invested significant resources in relaunching this hidden pearl of the Speyside, to bring it back to its deserved world position”.

“The new Visitor Center really is the final expression of the Glen Grant philosophy,” says Dennis Malcolm, Master Distiller. “Glen Grant’s long history is one of tradition and innovation; it promoted the construction of the first railway in the North, was the first to use electric power and innovated whisky-making with its “young and crisp” main expression. The Visitor Center, with its contemporary look, is a gateway into the traditions of this historically important distillery and its unique story.”

Since 1840, Glen Grant is famous for its light, crisp Whisky, its history of tradition and innovation, and the distillery itself, a symbol of the regional Whisky making traditions. Spirited, fresh and light, the essence of Glen Grant is reflected in the woodland setting of the distillery, where dappled sunlight and pure Highland air and water come together in the enchanting Victorian Garden, renowned for its uniqueness and beauty. James “The Major” Grant, and his father and uncle before him, believed Single Malt Whisky was the only true Whisky and they set out to make the ultimate single malt: young, crisp and with an uncompromising drive to simplicity. Moving away from traditional Scotch Whisky with its dark hues, smoky rooms and flowery language that few people really understand, the GlenGrants set out to create a high quality Whisky that embodied state of the art production and Whisky-making, while at the same time offering its consumers a simply excellent experience.

“At Gruppo Campari we embrace ‘The Major’s vision’ completely”, says Jean Jacques Dubau, Campari Italia’s Marketing Director. “Since we acquired the brand, we have worked towards bringing the GlenGrants’ vision into the 21st century through the classic Glen Grant Single Malt and the 10-year old expression, that are the perfect ambassadors for Glen Grant.”

In addition, Glen Grant boasts a very limited edition of older expressions, available in small numbers just at the distillery for its visitors, such as the 15-year old and a number of rare Cask Strength expressions.

Since its acquisition from Pernod Ricard in 2006, Gruppo Campari has redefined Glen Grant, paying close attention to its heritage and unique positioning, and investing in the brand image and the distillery. One of the world’s top three Single Malt whiskies for sales (behind the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich) and a market leader in Italy, Glen Grant has increased it sales under Gruppo Campari’s ownership.

The Visitor Center welcomes Glen Grant’s guests who wish to rediscover the Whisky the GlenGrants created- “whisky as it should it be.”

Highlights of a Glen Grant Visit and Tour include:

  • The New Visitor Center
  • The Distillery & Production Process
  • The Victorian Gardens (Glen Grant is the only Distillery to claim such a beautiful setting)
  • A visit to the Major’s Safe

Publishing date: 
03 Jun 2008
Last updated Feb 15 2013