Control & Risks Committee

The Control & Risks Committee comprises three exclusively non-executive Directors, the majority of whom are independent.

Eugenio Barcellona Director
Annalisa Elia Loustau Independent Director
Catherine Gérardin-Vautrin Independent Director

The Control & Risks Committee is required to:

  • assist the Board in fulfilling the internal auditing tasks assigned to it pursuant to the Code;
  • assess, in conjunction with the manager responsible for preparing the company’s accounting statements and the external auditors, whether the accounting principles are being correctly and uniformly applied in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements;
  • express opinions, at the request of the relevant executive Director, on specific aspects relating to identification of the main business risks, as well as the planning, implementation and management of the internal audit system;
  • examine the work programme prepared by the head of internal auditing as well as periodic reports provided by him/her;
  • assess the work programme provided for the external auditors and the results contained in the report and in any letter of recommendation;
  • monitor the efficiency of the external auditing process;
  • report to the Board at least twice a year, when the annual accounts and half-yearly report are approved, on activities carried out and on the adequacy of the internal audit system;
  • identify significant persons pursuant to article 14 of the TUF, as stipulated by the Internal Dealing Procedure;
  • under the Related Parties Procedure, the Control & Risks Committee may express a non-binding opinion on the Company’s interest in conducting minor transactions and the advisability and substantial correctness of the conditions under which they are conducted.

In carrying out its functions, the Control & Risks Committee has the power to access the information and business departments necessary to perform its tasks and to use the services of external consultants, under the conditions established by the Board.

Last updated Apr 19 2019