Here you can discover the various global and local initiatives carried out by Campari Group in the fight of the Covid-19.

The Group has been actively engaged in the response to the crisis by supporting the local communities with cash donations; the production of hand sanitizer, relief funds and many other activities in various countries around the world. Meanwhile, the Group is highly committed to supporting the hospitality industry that has been especially hit by the crisis with the aim to build significant financial assistance, organizational and educational support for the bartender community and the many professionals of the on-trade.

12 Jun 2020 Jamaica Shaken Not Broken supports bartender community during the crisis by giving 285 care packages - #BARTENDERCOMMUNITY
10 Jun 2020 Italy New production of hand sanitizer: Campari Group distributes 12,750 bottles to hospitals and institutions in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont
10 Jun 2020 Italy Campari Group donates 2 bottles of hand sanitizer to each family in Ambivere (Bergamo), among the areas most affected by Covid19
03 Jun 2020 Jamaica JWN volunteers joined the PSOJ/CVSS team to package 3120 food packages in 310 volunteer hours - #LOCALCOMMUNITIES
02 Jun 2020 Jamaica JWN along with Distinctly Dynamic Event Services, Super 'K' Studios, distributed 2000 Bar Restart packages to community bars across Jamaica
01 Jun 2020 Canada Campari Canada supports independent accounts to celebrate the re-opening of bars/restaurants across the country
18 May 2020 Mexico Campari Mexico distributes 150 bartender kits for bartenders to prepare home cocktails
18 May 2020 Mexico Campari Mexico donates product within @MexicoBartendersGuild initiative
13 May 2020 Canada Campari Canada adds to its ongoing support for hospitality workers affected by Covid-19 pandemic
08 May 2020 Australia Shaken Not Broken: Connecting Australians to their local neighbourhood to get cocktails on demand
08 May 2020 Austria Campari Austria offers vouchers to help on-trade partners - #ONTRADEPARTNERS
04 May 2020 Argentina Campari Argentina supports bar and bartenders through the intiative "unapartedevos" (#apartofyou)
23 Apr 2020 Brazil Campari do Brazil supports on-premise partners by partecipating in the initiative "Brinde do Bem" - #BARTENDERCOMMUNITY
23 Apr 2020 UK Shaken Not Broken: Campari UK creates relief fund for hospitality industry’s front-line workers – and pledges £100K to the cause
22 Apr 2020 Jamaica J. Wray & Nephew distributes 5,000 food packages through its Community Bar Round Robin network
17 Apr 2020 Australia Campari Australia launches Shaken Not Broken initiative to support the hospitality industry stay connected
15 Apr 2020 UK Campari UK employees come together to make personal donation to The Drinks Trust
14 Apr 2020 Australia Campari Australia launches an initiative to support the affected hospitality community with support, toolkits and products
09 Apr 2020 US Campari America delivered 75,000 litres of GNS free of taxes to FlavorCraft in Kentucky
09 Apr 2020 Jamaica J. Wray & Nephew donates 2,000 food packages to Cornpiece Clarendon
09 Apr 2020 Jamaica J. Wray & Nephew confirms donation of J$250 million to assist the Government and people of Jamaica
07 Apr 2020 Vietnam Campari partners with mobile-led platform EdApp in a joint initiative to educate the Southeast Asian hospitality industry through COVID-19
07 Apr 2020 France L’ensemble des Professionnels du Bassin Viticole, viticulteurs, distillateurs et negociants, effectuent un don collectif de 400 000 euros pour les hôpitaux de Charente et Charente-Maritime
06 Apr 2020 Brazil Campari do Brazil donates 30,000 liters of 70% alcohol delivered for free to five hospitals near the Suape plant - #ALCOHOLDONATION #LOCALCOMMUNITIES
06 Apr 2020 Jamaica J.Wray & Nephew support to PSOJ Covid‐19 Jamaica Response Fund
04 Apr 2020 South East Asia Shaken not Broken: Campari Academy online provides training to South East Asian hospitality industry through challenging Covid-19 climate
02 Apr 2020 Italy Coronavirus emergency: Campari Group and Intercos Group join forces to produce hand sanitizer
01 Apr 2020 Italy Cash donation to support the healthcare structures and operators of Sesto San Giovanni
01 Apr 2020 US Campari America joins #ItalyStayStrong fund raising campaign with a cash donation
01 Apr 2020 Benelux Campari Group Benelux join into #HorecaComeBack intiative to support the horeca sector
01 Apr 2020 Brazil Campari do Brazil activates an educational and engaging program thought for the bartender community
30 Mar 2020 US Campari America donates $1 million to Another Round, Another Rally & calls on patrons to join in supporting bartenders across the country
27 Mar 2020 US Wild Turkey team in Kentucky working with local government officials to donate 25,000 liters of neutral grain spirit to be transformed into bottles of hand sanitizer - #ALCOHOLDONATION #LOCALCOMMUNITIES
27 Mar 2020 Canada Campari will reward 137 bartenders sending an incredible message of support to the industry
27 Mar 2020 Martinique Planteurs et producteurs de rhum Martiniquais Mobilisés dans la lutte contre le COVID-19
20 Mar 2020 Canada Campari Canada Forty Creek Hand Sanitizer production
14 Mar 2020 Italy Campari Group donates 1 million euros to public healthcare institution ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan for the Coronavirus emergency
Last updated May 15 2020