“Cinzano. Più feste, meno party.” The new Cinzano sparkling wine TV campaign is underway

Milan, 2 December 2002 – “Cinzano. Più feste, meno party (More parties, fewer celebrations)”: this is the pay-off of the new campaign for Cinzano Sparkling Wines, to be broadcast starting on December 1st on major Italian television networks.
Cinzano, which has not used the TV medium for over five years, is now returning with a campaign aimed at the public at large on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season. A fun-filled communication which uses irony to revamp the Sparkling Wines and which marks the start of a new era in the brand's advertising, thanks to the creative skills of Red Cell and to the unique directing talent of Joakim Eliasson.
The communication is aimed at irreverently breaking out of the standard image associated with the sparkling wine segment, which traditionally presents the viewer with a glitzy ambience where appearance is all that matters, without transmitting any real emotions.
“We have decided to revamp Cinzano Sparkling Wines by stressing the authenticity of the brand, transmitting this asset to viewers with irony, to involve them in a fun-filled world, spontaneous and without pretence, where they can truly feel at home”, said Claudio Castellaro, Marketing Manager Wines for the Campari Group.
The campaign supports a veritable renewal of the brand in its different marketing aspects: a new, elegant and original design for the bottles, an innovative label with a distinctive style and visibility initiatives on the point of sale.
The ad, recipient of a gross investment of about 5 million Euro, was produced by Mercurio Cinematografica in 30 and 15 second formats. It was directed by Joakim Eliasson, a young
director already renowned in the industry, who has already contributed his talent to the production of “Il Naufrago” (The Castaway) ad for CampariSoda.

Publishing date: 
02 Dec 2002
Last updated May 06 2013