Christina Aguilera Chooses Campari

Milan, 13 March 2007 - Christina Aguilera has selected Campari, the most appreciated aperitif in the world, for her new music video “Candyman” from her RCA album Back To Basics in stores now.  “Candyman” is the third single from Aguilera’s platinum double album.  The video was co-directed by Aguilera and Matthew Rolston, the director and acclaimed photographer who has often worked with Campari, most recently shooting the advertising short “Hotel Campari” featuring Salma Hayek.

Campari was a perfect partner for the high-energy video that captures the exuberant style and bombshell sex appeal of a 1940’s wartime-era USO performance with Christina Aguilera appearing as five different ultra-glamorous pin-up girls and a whole chorus of singers (one blonde, one brunette and one red head), brought to life, seducing the camera and driving all the servicemen wild.

“With her vibrant voice, passionate character and sophisticated looks, Christina Aguilera is the perfect embodiment of Campari’s Red Passion”, stated Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Group Marketing Director for the Italian brand.

With its strong personality, Campari distinguishes itself even in a music video with a star such as Christina Aguilera as the Red Passion, which means desire and sensuality, blends with Christina’s explosive nature and vitality.

Publishing date: 
13 Mar 2007
Last updated May 14 2013