Campari presents ''Hotel Campari''

Milan, November 23, 2006 – Campari celebrates Red Passion through its new, bold and provocative “Hotel Campari”– an intriguing blend of art and advertising. “Hotel Campari” is an exciting mythical destination, starring Salma Hayek, that invites further exploration into the mystery, intrigue and passion of Campari. “Hotel Campari” can be seen in print, television commercials, online and a limited edition collectible Calendar in select markets worldwide.

“The secret ingredient in Campari is passion. I was amazed to experience that passion during the making of Hotel Campari by Mario Testino, Mathew Rolston and the wonderful creative team at Campari”, explains Salma Hayek.

Campari has chosen an exceptional protagonist, the internationally renowned actress, director, producer, Salma Hayek, a symbol of sensuality but, at the same time, a muse with many passions and a distinctive personality. As an actress, Hayek adds excitement and sensuality to the world of “Hotel Campari” and aligns with Campari’s sophisticated, stylish and distinctive image. Hayek’s beauty and passion for work and life was a perfect fit for Campari, as expressed by photographer, Mario Testino and director, Matthew Rolston.

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Group Marketing Director of Gruppo Campari states: “Campari once more communicates passion in an absolutely coherent manner on an international basis. It is an holistic multimedia campaign that brings the brands’ values to life through intriguing vignettes. Working with world renown artists like Salma Hayek, Mario Testino and Mathew Rolston to create Hotel Campari was magical”.

‘Hotel Campari’
is presented in a collectible 2007 Campari Calendar that is now in its eighth edition. Intriguing and seductive vignettes are seen through the camera lens of World-famous photographer, Mario Testino. Testino was chosen by Campari and Salma Hayek for his ability to capture true, deep emotions and portray them in a cosmopolitan, sophisticated and timeless manner. The Campari Calendar 2007 will be produced in a limited edition of 9,999 copies with 14 distinct images and distributed worldwide.

“Working for such an iconic brand as Campari immediately appealed to me: passion, seduction, sensuality are all explosive elements. The challenge lay in capturing them in a photograph”, declares Testino, “however, Salma made my job even easier. She is a true icon: a perfectionist, careful, proactive and provocative”, adds Mario Testino.

Testino has succeeded in depicting an icon, representative of femininity and seduction in Hotel Campari, a magical place where anything can happen. As a result, 12 intense images will star in the international press campaign.

Salma Hayek’s rich sensuality is expressed not solely through photography, but also through the artistic film direction of Matthew Rolston, who has succeeded in capturing bold and provocative Campari moments in two surprising TV commercials, which will fascinate viewers. The Mexican actress succeeded in expressing her fascinating sensuality via a game of exchanged glances. Campari acting as a catalyst in each ad.

“Hotel Campari is a really imaginative concept that takes the idea of boutique hotels, which are very sexy and exciting places, and marries it to a brand, Campari. Drinking Campari is about a moment of pleasure, of personal indulgence, it is also a moment of sharing pleasure with other people. In itself Campari is temptation, we tried to heighten this mood in a humorous way” says Matthew Rolston.

Hotel Campari – doors ajar, an atmosphere full of whispers, exchanged glances, an ethereal place in which dream and reality meet. Salma Hayek, dark eyes, crimson lips and a slow and haughty pace brings Campari Red Passion alive.

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Publishing date: 
27 Nov 2006
Last updated May 07 2013