Campari Mixx, Campari's new Ready To Drink

Milan, September 18, 2002 - Campari Mixx hits the scene, and with this new product the Campari Group makes its entry into the exploding Ready To Drink category in Italy.

Campari Mixx is a refreshing blend of Campari and fruity flavours, low in alcohol (6.5% vol.) and with a unique taste and a great packaging.

Aimed at innovative and trendsetter young males and females, open to new taste experiences, Campari Mixx can be drunk straight from the bottle making it a trendy alternative to beer and the ideal choice for various occasions throughout the day.

Coming in 275 ml bottles entirely covered by a red sleeve, Campari Mixx stands out for its unique and highly attractive packaging. The branding is unmistakeably Campari’s while the original use of the double X gives the product a signature all of its own, Campari Mixx.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to enter the Italian Ready To Drink market, which has the potential to grow to dazzling heights. This new category of products has already attained significant proportions and growth rates in international markets, particularly in the United States where the Campari Group already trades with SKYY Blue, one of the leading Ready To Drink products” states Marco Perelli-Cippo, Campari CEO. “Thanks to Campari Mixx, we are able to further diversify our portfolio in the Italian market, strategically positioning ourselves in an emerging segment which is different from the traditional Campari segment”, he adds.

With distribution commencing during the summer, Campari Mixx will, to start with, be available on the Italian and Swiss markets, and the aim is to reach a volume of 10 million bottles by the end of 2002 and over 25 million bottles in 2003.

As from 22 September, the launch of Campari Mixx will be backed by significant advertising support on all the main television stations and in cinemas. An impressive static and dynamic bill-board campaign and a widespread marketing effort at sales points and in the trendy night clubs of the main Italian cities will round off the launch of Campari Mixx.


Publishing date: 
18 Sep 2002


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