Campari do Brazil activates an educational and engaging program thought for the bartender community

An educational and engaging program thought for the Bartender community, which includes:

  • Campari TV Academy (a platform focusing on supporting and promoting education and awareness about our brands);
  • Virtual Bar – Series Bartender (a platform to promote interaction and engagement between bartenders and consumers);
  • Virtual Tip – Tip the bartender and enjoy a cocktail (direct financial support to the bartender community)
  • Creative Championship (mini tournament style competition through social media between bartenders based on home-made cocktails);
  • Voucher online – Pay it now, enjoy it later! (Partnership with clients to offer consumers options of cocktails prepared with CG’s brands to enjoy after the emergency. The vouchers also include food linked to food pairing).


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Publishing date: 
01 Apr 2020
Last updated May 15 2020