Campari celebrates n100 this Negroni week. The highly anticipated centenary of the Negroni cocktail



Campari and the city of Florence unveil a unique plaque to commemorate 100 years of The Negroni

Florence,  25th June 2019 - This year, Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, celebrates a momentous occasion for one of the world’s most iconic cocktails. Voted as the second most popular cocktail in the world[1], the Negroni celebrates its centenary as one hundred years have come and gone since the first ever serve of the crimson drink was created in Café Casoni, Florence, in 1919. Revered for its perfectly balanced combination of three ingredients; equal parts of Campari, Red Vermouth and London Dry gin, The Negroni cocktail is officially set to go down in history.



Dating back to 1919, The Negroni cocktail is said to have been created by Forsco Scarselli, after the renowned Count Camilo Negroni asked him to strengthen his favourite cocktail – the Americano – by replacing soda water with a splash of gin. Scarselli added an orange slice as garnish, rather than the usual lemon twist, and from this moment on, the Negroni was born.

Having travelled to America and spent time in London expanding his knowledge on spirits, including London dry gin, Camillo took his experience and erudition as inspiration to contribute to the creation of the now historic cocktail. The news of his creation spread quickly across the region as a result of Camillo Negroni being an influential figure of the time, and it was not long before everyone was making their way to the bar and, everywhere else, to order a ‘Negroni’.  

The Negroni has since then captured the attention of many cocktail connoisseurs from around the world, including renowned bartender and drinks historian, Luca Picchi who dedicated the best part of his life to studying the history and trends emerging around this Campari based aperitivo, publishing a dedicated book in 2015, the year where the Negroni took over the mainstream, titled ‘Negroni Cocktail An Italian Legend.’

Discussing N100, Luca Picchi said: “The Negroni and its rich history have been fascinating to me – studying the secrets, truths and legends behind the creation of such a distinctive serve has been a great life project, that I am so excited to continue on pursuing. As my all-time favourite cocktail, it is a joy to be able to participate and contribute to the celebration of its centenary. Such a balanced recipe in a mixed drink is rare, and that is why it has stood the test of time and will continue as a global favourite for many years to come, with Campari at its core”

Andrea Neri Managing Director Italian Icons, Campari Group says: “It’s an exciting year in the history of the brand, celebrating the most quintessential cocktails in Campari’s repertoire. We are so pleased to see the rise in popularity in this amazing drink, and even more delighted to be celebrating it’s centenary, N100, with the world this summer - as the red heart of the Negroni, Campari is proud to be a key part of the legacy


The N100 celebration kickstarted in February as Campari launched the latest Red Diaries edition, the enigmatic short film Entering Red directed by critically acclaimed Matteo Garrone, starring world renowned actress Ana De Armas. A story of three parts, Mind, Heart and Soul, Entering Red represents the three ingredients of the Negroni, all the while tracing an unexpected journey of self-discovery. N100 got six of the world’s best bartenders, the Red Hands, to create six fantastic twists on the classic Negroni cocktail, making N100 a truly global celebration.


The pinnacle of the N100 celebration will take place in Florence on June 25th, to fittingly honour the iconic drink at the heart of where it all began. Following an initiative by Gabriele Maselli, Florence’s Chairman of Historical and Traditional Practices, an exclusive plaque will be unveiled on the walls of the former Café Casoni, where the first Negroni was served to the count in 1919, proving that Campari truly has been at the heart of the cocktail from the very beginning. This momentous ceremony, which coincides with the kick off of the annual Negroni Week, an international charity initiative that has raised over $2 Million since it first launched seven years ago, has been led by Gabriele Maselli, at a press conference launching the plaque globally for all to see. Exciting guests were of attendance, including Count Negroni’s very own grandchildren, Pier Lamberto Negroni Bentivoglio and Paolo Andalò Negroni Bentivoglio.           

Gabriele Maselli, Association of Historical, Traditional and Typical Florentine Businesses Chairman declared: “The city of Florence is steeped in history, and being home to a number of world-famous establishments created to offer the perfect environment to enjoy the Italian lifestyle, it is only fitting that it’s the birthplace of the legendary drink that is the Negroni. We’re so pleased to be marking this centenary as we unveil a new plaque on the walls of the former Caffé Casoni – we look forward to welcoming people from around the globe to visit this space and pay tribute to such a memorable drink”

Reflecting on the centenary, Pier Lamberto Negroni Bentivoglio and Paolo Andalò Negroni Bentivoglio said: “It is amazing to see the legacy of our grandfather live on as people from all over join us with Campari, the essential ingredient of the Negroni, in Florence to toast to an iconic cocktail fit for an iconic man. We are glad to see the cocktail rise to such popularity today and, are even more pleased to see the good it has brought, being associated to the celebratory event with a charitable cause that is Negroni Week.”


Publishing date: 
25 Jun 2019
Last updated Jun 25 2019