Campari celebrates a decade of successful trading on Borsa Italiana

· Market capitalization increased from € 0.9 billion to € 3.4 billion1

· Share absolute performance of +274% from €1.55 to € 5.80

· Outperformance of Italian stock market of +320%

· Total return of +307% or annual return of +15% (dividends included)

Milan, July 6, 2011 - Gruppo Campari today celebrates the ten year anniversary of its listing on Borsa Italiana in 2001. During the period Campari has successfully built upon its proud history to become one of the leading players in the global branded beverage industry with a portfolio of 45 premium and super premium brands sold in 190 countries.

During the decade, Campari has delivered strong and consistent double digit growth, achieved through an equal combination of organic and external growth. Gruppo Campari has almost tripled its sales and profitability from 2000 to 2010: sales grew from €434 million to € 1,164 million, EBITDA from € 106 million to € 299 million, and net income from € 53 million to € 156 million.

The strength of Campari’s operational performance since its IPO has been reflected in its share price, which has been the best performer in the global spirits industry, the best performer among the 2001 IPOs in Italy and among the top performers in the FTSE/MIB index since 2001. A shareholder buying a Campari share in 2001 for € 1.552 could now sell that share for€ 5.80, an absolute increase of +274%. In terms of total return, the increase would be of +307% and +350% in case of dividends reinvested. Since the IPO Campari has yielded a +15% annual return per year (dividends included). Moreover, it has outperformed the FTSE/MIB index (the blue chips index of Borsa Italiana of which Campari, the only beverage stock listed on the exchange, became part in 2009) by +320%, and the DJ STOXX 600 food& beverage index by +231%. In terms of value traded, the daily average equity turnover of the Campari stock increased from €1.2 million in 20013 to € 9.6 million in 20113.

Commenting on the anniversary of the Group’s IPO, Bob-Kunze Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer, stated:‘Campari has enjoyed great success since joining the Italian Stock Exchange in 2001. With great satisfaction we celebrate this milestone event and the true protagonists of our success: brands, people and a winning growth strategy. Over the years we have built a very solid business, thanks to the long-term vision of the shareholders and the management team who listed the company in 2001. We look forward to many more decades of consistent growth building upon a stronger brand portfolio, organization and route to market’.

Also commenting on the anniversary, Raffaele Jerusalmi, the Chief Executive Officer of Borsa Italiana, said: ‘Campari is one of the flagship company of our market and it is definitely one of the best examples of how a company can achieve its aims and realize plans of development going public. As Borsa Italiana we are delighted to have been with the company step by step in this important path.

10 years of strengthening the brand portfolio and route to market

Over the past decade, organically, Campari has benefitted from its dedication to brand building by in-depth consumer understanding, enhancing above the line A&P investments and innovation.

Organic growth has been supported by a track record of successful acquisitions which have strengthened and diversified Campari’s global portfolio. Campari has acquired over 24 brands since its IPO, including the 2001 acquisition of Skyy Spirits, LLC, owner of SKYY Vodka, a leading premium vodka brand in the US, which gave Campari direct access to the strategic US spirits market; the acquisition in 2003 of Aperol, currently one of fastest growing brands in the premium spirits market worldwide; and the acquisition in 2009 of Wild Turkey, the world’s best selling premium bourbon whiskey. This acquisition, the largest in the Group’s history, significantly strengthened the Group’s critical mass and portfolio appeal in the highly profitable US market and gave the Group direct access to the attractive Australian spirits market.

A further key evolution of the Group during the past decade has been the expansion of its global operating footprint. At the time of listing, 57% of Group sales were attributable to Campari’s home market - Italy; ten years later, through acquisitions, investment in international brands and the creation of new international distribution platforms, owned subsidiaries increased from 4 in 2000 to 13 in 2010, markets outside Italy now contribute 64% of Group sales, and emerging markets increased from 8% to 16%.

[1] All stock exchange data as of 5 July 2011

[2] Ten to one stock split effective 9 May 2005. Bonus share capital increase via issue of new shares granted in the ratio of one new share for each share owned, effective 10 May 2010.

[3] In 2001 daily average equity turnover excludes the first week of trading after the IPO. In 2011 daily equity turnover as of 5 July.

Publishing date: 
06 Jul 2011
Last updated May 06 2013