Campari announces the disposal of the Punch Barbieri brand to Distillerie Moccia

Milan, 4th February 2013 – Gruppo Campari announced today the closing of an agreement for the disposal of Punch Barbieri brand to Distillerie Moccia, for a countervalue of € 4.45 million.

The operation, fully satisfactory for both parties, allows Gruppo Campari to focus more closely on priority-brands in its business portfolio, and to Distillerie Moccia to continue expanding their business by acquiring leading local brands to bolster Zabov egg liqueur, owned since 1946.

Punch Barbieri entered Gruppo Campari’s portfolio in 2003, within the acquisition of Barbero 1981, that included brands as Aperol, Aperol Soda, Mondoro Asti and Enrico Serafino still wines. Punch Barbieri is a medium alcohol-content liqueur, rich in tradition and produced in the tastes of rum, mandarin and orange, with Italy as its main market.

The closing of the deal is expected for 1st March 2013.

Publishing date: 
04 Feb 2013
Last updated Mar 20 2013