The traditional Uruguayan whisky

Gregson's was created in 1969 by FNC (Fabricas Nacionales de Cerveza) the whisky was made by an agreement whit Gregson Associates Limited from Glasgow. It was sold to Gilbey´s in 1988 and a few years later it became part of UDV. Finally Campari acquired Gregson´s in 2001 and today it is the most popular whisky in Uruguay.

Gregson’s is one of the most renowned national whiskies in Uruguay. It has a unique taste defined by tradition and passion in whisky production. Gregson’s is made with a delicate blend of imported malts, which have positioned it as a unique whisky in a country where whisky is part of the national culture. Gregson’s has a perfume with a delicate combination of wooded and fruity notes and presents a beautiful amber colour in it’s body.

Gregson's main market is Uruguay.

Last updated Mar 11 2014