A sincere and authentic blended whisky

Drury’s is one of the most famous whiskies in Brazil. With an eclectic combination of tradition, materials and ability it creates a unique mix with a strong character.Produced in Brazil with 100% pure malt imported from Scotland and according to the original process of the old continent. The result is one unique and incomparable whisky. Drury’s has an amber colour with golden crystal tones and presents a perfume that is green, almost wooded with a flavour that is spicy, peaty and persistent.

The production of whisky in Brazil came about in the ‘60s when importation was difficult and expensive. In 1959 a cork maker, Mario Amato, decided with one of his clients to produce one of the first Brazilian whiskies, the project began more as an experiment than a commercial exercise. Yet the popularity of his whisky made him change his mind, and therefore just a few years later his factory became too small for production. Amato then bought a distillery in Sorocaba, west of São Paulo, where Drury’s is still produced today.

Drurys' main market is Brazil.

Last updated Mar 11 2014