Zedda Piras

Zedda Piras

Traditional spirits from Sardinia

Mirto Zedda Piras, traditional Sardinian spirit, originates from the small red berries (Red Myrtle) and the leaves (White Myrtle) of the Myrtle plant (Myrtus Communis). Extremely popular in Sardinia, it is served as an after-dinner drink.Its particular aroma makes it a distinctive spirit and its unmistakable perfume is appreciated by the most demanding consumers.

Zedda Piras’ range is completed by Filu ’e Ferru, a grappa distinguished for its vigour (42%), diluted by the light characteristic aroma of wild fennel seeds, and Ramo d’Oro, obtained by the infusion of lemon peel cultivated respecting the natural life of the plant, and following an antique recipe that Zedda Piras has maintained unaltered through the years.

The history of Zedda Piras is tightly bound to its land of origin, Sardinia. It all began in 1854 in Cagliari from the initiative of Francesco Zedda: initially focused on wines, the company soon enlarged its offer with distillates, spirits and liquors, which quickly became the heart of the business. In 1994 Zedda Piras became part of Sella&Mosca which was later acquired by Gruppo Campari. At the end of the ‘90s the company adopted innovative working technologies without modifying the traditional production process.

Zedda Piras is distributed across Europe, its main market is Italy.

Last updated Jul 31 2014