The number one Brandy in Brazil

Dreher is a Brazilian brandy with a full-bodied amber colour that is distilled and produced with cane sugar and natural vegetable extracts. Dedicated to sincere people who know how to appreciate the little things in life; Brazilians particularly enjoy Dreher at the end of the day bysharing a relaxing momentwith friends in popular bars known as “Boteco."

The most popular brandy on the Brazilian market, Dreher originates in 1910 in the Southern region of Bento Gonçalves, the most important area for wine production in Brazil. Acquired in 1973 by Heublein and later on in 1998 by UDV Brazil, Dreher became part of Gruppo Campari's portfolio in 2001 and has since then experienced an increased market share.

Dreher main market is Brazil.

Last updated Mar 11 2014