Campari Orange Passion

Campari Orange Passion

Sesto San Giovanni, 8 March 2013- Campari Orange Passion is the brand’s new ready-to-serve cocktail aperitif. On the wings of the success enjoyed by Campari Orange Passion, the “crushed” cocktail launched in 2010 as the revamped Garibaldi (traditional Campari Orange), a new product has been launched to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Campari. Campari Orange Passion: the ready-to-serve cocktail aperitif that you can enjoy with friends at home, just as you do at the bar.

The intense flavour of Campari, the fresh taste of orange juice and the sweetness of brown sugar are combined in a new ready-to-serve cocktail which is ideal for bringing a touch of glamour to aperitifs with friends.

With Campari Orange Passion, all the magic of a cocktail is encapsulated in a bottle, in pure Campari style.

A couple of simple moves and your aperitif is served: pour well-chilled Campari Orange Passion into a glass with some ice, add a slice of orange as decoration and get ready to taste a unique cocktail and enjoy spending time with friends at home, just as you do at the bar.

Campari Orange Passion comes in a practical 17.5cl glass bottle, containing just the right quantity for a cocktail, and is available in a 3-pack.

A bottle with a unique distinctive, premium design, and graphics that stylishly recall the ingredients of the cocktail.

A bottle that looks to the future and is kind to the environment: the plastic label can be easily separated from the glass bottle, by tearing down the pre-cut strip, so allowing the packaging to be disposed of correctly.

Last updated Jun 03 2013