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  • Cinzano 1757
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Cinzano 1757
Cinzano 1757

This unique premium vermouth has been bottled to celebrate and pay homage to Cinzano’s founding fathers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano, who in 1757 started their business in Turin.


Cinzano Vermouth “1757” is a small batch production in numbered bottles, handcrafted gently infused with the finest mature blend of aromatics. It is intensely rich with a velvet bitter finish.


Its balanced full-bodied flavours enrich and enhance the most famous classic Vermouth Rosso based cocktails such as The Negroni and The Americano.


Cinzano Aromi
Mediterranean Flavours


Cinzano Limetto Cinzano gets a new lime twist! A light shade of yellow with a hint of green, it is characterized by an intense aroma of lemon rind, with a hint of lime, mandarin, butter orange and spices. It is sweet, fruity and lively Mediterranean sun in a glass.

Italy's favourite light aperitif: zesty and refreshing

Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in color it has a unique bitter-sweet taste deriving from a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since its creation. An infusion of precious primary components, many herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination. Aperol’s strength is its low alcohol content, only 11%.


Aperol Spritz, the aperitif with a unique taste from Triveneto that has conquered the whole of Italy, has finally entered the home: a new product, perfectly measured that enables all the liveliness of Aperol Spritz to be recreated by everybody.

Fizzy, fresh and only 3% alcohol content

With an alcohol content of only 3 percent, Aperol Soda is an aperitif that is fizzy and extremely fresh. It has an exclusive note of orange in a harmonious sweet-bitter balance with the flavour of the herbs and roots used in its infusion. In its bottle of 12.5cl it is an ideal single serve aperitif for those who want a refreshing beverage without giving up a dash of alcohol.

Cinzano Aperitivo
"Delivering unpretentious enjoyment!"

Cinzano comes about from the perfect union of wine, alcohol, sugar and an infusion of herbs and spices.

Still today Cinzano’s recipe is unique in the world and has been kept secret for over 250 years.

Cinzano Bianco has a fragrant, full-bodied and delicate aroma, it is sweet and extremely versatile.It must always be served chilled and can be enjoyed straight as an aperitif or as an ingredient in a cocktail.

A sparkling aperitif moment

Cinzano Soda is the single-serve aperitif with the right alcohol content. It can be consumed at the bar or at home. To be savoured in any occasion, Cinzano Soda is ideal for those who enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif at home with friends or those who seek a lively and unique aperitif experience at the bar counter. Cinzano Soda is available in both its white and red variations: Cinzano Soda Bianco and Cinzano Soda Rosso.

Launched in 2009, Cinzano Soda is the single-serve aperitif with a moderate alcohol content (8,5%), for those who seek a lively and unique aperitif.

The world famous, absolutely unique, red Italian spirit

Campari is a contemporary and charismatic classic. The recipe, which has remained unchanged, originated in Novara in 1860 and is the base for some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is an alcoholic spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and inspiring flavour, Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure, which unfurls itself into a captivating drinking experience.

A classic Italian icon of taste and style

Campari Soda is the single-serve aperitif with a moderate alcohol content (10%) that with its unique and incomparable flavour is the category leader is obtained through the optimal mixture of Campari and carbon dioxide.


Sesto San Giovanni, 8 March 2013- Campari Orange Passion is the brand’s new ready-to-serve cocktail aperitif. On the wings of the success enjoyed by Campari Orange Passion, the “crushed” cocktail launched in 2010 as the revamped Garibaldi (traditional Campari Orange), a new product has been launched to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Campari. Campari Orange Passion: the ready-to-serve cocktail aperitif that you can enjoy with friends at home, just as you do at the bar.


Cinzano Cocktail Italiano is the new fruit flavored, low-alcohol “ready-to-drink” aperitif.
This new recipe combines herbal teas with citrus aromas in a bubbly, lively and unique tasting drink.
Cinzano Cocktail Italiano is a brilliant red aperitif which kick-starts the aperitivo moment.

The non-alcoholic aperitif by definition

Crodino in Italy is the non-alcoholic aperitif by definition, the most consumed and  the most famous . The secret of its success is the unique and appetizing taste, obtained from an extract still produced according to the traditional recipe.

Crodino takes its name from Crodo, a small town  located in the North West of Italy, where It has been produced and bottled since 1964, the year of birth of the “Blond” Aperitif.  Since 1995 Crodino is part of Campari Group, that has renewed  Its image and communication consolidating  its strong position in the market.



Crodino Twist is the non-alcoholic aperitif, that combines the unique taste of Crodino to the pleasantness of Citrus and Red Fruits.

Launched in 2014, Crodino Twist is the perfect aperitif for all the Happy Hour lovers!

The ingredients to serve a perfect Crodino Twist are simple: Crodino Twist, ice cubes, orange slice (for Crodino Twist Citrus), blueberries (for Crodino Twist Red Fruits) ... and of course lots of friends!

Crodino Twist is produced and distributed in Italy.

The Vigorous Aperitif

Biancosarti is an aperitif renowned for its vigorous flavor. The clear, brilliant color liquid is fresh and elegant. Its delicate and delicious flavor is truly unique and derives from a secret mixture that unites the soft aroma of rare herbs, spices, and flowers with the intense character of rinds and roots.

Biancosarti, as a brand, has left its mark on Italian bar history.


Mondoro is a long years awarded Brand with strong experience in quality wines (sparkling).

Thanks to this expertise and care for quality, Mondoro launches its premium Vermouth.

“Mondoro” is an exquisite vermouth produced in the North of Italy using specially selected herbs and spices.

Its bright freshness combined with the warm notes of vanilla and honey make it a mild balanced vermouth, ideal treat for a special evening.