Board of Directors

Milan, 10 June 2005 -  Davide  Campari -  Milano  S.p.A. has accepted the decision of Mr. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo to hand in, with great regret, his resignation from his role as an independent Director on the Group’s Board of Directors.

This decision is motivated by the new system of corporate governance adopted by the Fiat Group, of which Mr.  Cordero  di  Montezemolo is Chairman, and takes into account that Mr. Luca  Garavoglia, Chairman of Campari Group, sits on Fiat’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Luca  Garavoglia commented: “I wish to express to Luca  Cordero di  Montezemolo, on behalf of Campari’s Board of Directors and myself, the greatest appreciation and thanks for his continued intelligent and active contribution, which enriched our company and the quality of our Board of Directors.”

Publishing date: 
10 Jun 2005
Last updated May 06 2013