Aperol: The Social Drink of Italy Arrives in the U.S

(San Francisco, CA) – March 21, 2006 – Thanks to Skyy Spirits, LLC, America received its official invitation to flirt this week with the arrival of Aperol, Italy's most popular light spirit. At last, after nearly 100 years, the social drink of Italy has arrived for American consumers who are seeking more diversified flavor choices.This spirit-based aperitif with its zesty orange flavor has become the fun refreshing cocktail of choice for any social occasion.

Aperol’s sun-drenched orange color and succulent sweet, yet tart orange flavor captures the vibrant, social lifestyle of Italy. Enjoyed by more than 3.4 million Italians everyday, it is a highly versatile drink that can be served alone or with other spirits and mixers for a limitless variety of unique cocktails. From pitchers of Aperol Sangria for a casual night-out, to bright orange colored vodka or tequila happy hour cocktails, Aperol is the social drink of choice for consumers looking for light and flavorful cocktail choices.

The US launch of Aperol, “the signature drink of Italy,” could not be timelier. With Aperol’s versatility, unique flavor and brilliant orange color, it is the perfect spirit for the sophisticated, yet relaxed consumer in the fast growing flavored drink market. Aperol is the flavorful alternative to beer, wine or conventional cocktails for those seeking new taste experiences.

Aperol boasts a rich, romantic Italian history. In 1919, the Barbieri Family of Padua, Italy created Aperol’s original secret recipe, an infusion of more than 30 aromatic herbs and spices including bitter and sweet orange. The original recipe remains unchanged to this day. It was introduced as a breakthrough innovation at the Padua Exhibition as a spirit with an unusually low alcohol content of only 11%. At that time and still today, most popular spirits have much higher alcohol contents. Success followed with Aperol becoming Italy’s most popular light spirit.

Aperol’s popularity has grown continuously, becoming the social drink of choice in Italian restaurants and bars thanks to its refreshingly zesty orange flavor, low alcohol content and playful versatility. At last, your invitation to flirt has arrived!

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Aperol is a zesty orange flavored spirit that captures the vibrant, social lifestyle of Italy. Italy’s most popular light spirit, Aperol’s vibrant, sun-drenched color and orange flavor come from an original secret recipe that combines more than 30 aromatic herbs and spices.Aperol’s low alcohol content – only 11 percent – combined with its mixability and appealing taste, make it the perfect light, yet flavorful choice for socializing. Aperol is enjoyed by 3.4 million Italians every day.

Skyy Spirits, LLC
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21 Mar 2006
Last updated May 14 2013