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  1. Gruppo Campari announces 2017 first half results

    the sustained growth in the brand’s core markets (Italy, Germany)as well as robust results from our ... outperformance of global and regional priorities [1] in key markets   The streamlining of non-core assets ... sustained growth, both in organic and reported terms, across all performance indicators. The solid organic ...

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  2. Loyalty shares

    accordance with custom practice. The forms mentioned above as well as any communication of intermediaries ... [email protected] If the officer responsible for keeping the special list requests that a shareholder provides ...

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  3. Campari Orange Passion

    Add to print basket Send this page by e-mail Go to print basket Add to bookmarks View as PDF Campari Orange Passion Sesto San Giovanni, 8 March 2013- Campari Orange Passion is the brand’s new ... spending time with friends at home, just as you do at the bar. Campari Orange Passion comes in a practical ...

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  4. Gruppo Campari announces 2017 first quarter results

    Aperol continued to outperform (+ 17.7 %), driven by the sustained growth in the brand’s core markets ... continuous outperformance of key priority brands and markets and positive contribution from Grand Marnier   ... a low seasonality quarter. We achieved sustained overall, growth in both organic and reported terms, ...

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  5. Campari approves first-half results to 30 June 2005

    line with the practices of the main international operators in the wines and spirits sector, has ... the Group has begun distributing (Jack Daniel’s on the Italian market, and to a lesser extent, Martin ... markets. Sales of SKYY Vodka, including the flavoured lines, rose by 12.1% at constant exchange rates ...

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  6. Campari approves results for the first nine months to 30 September 2005

    Group, in line with the practices of the main international operators in the spirits and wines sector, ... the Group has begun distributing (Jack Daniel’s and other Brown-Forman brands on the Italian market ... constant exchange rates) and international markets (over 30% approximately, at constant exchange rates). ...

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  7. QHSE- Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

    workplace and create a responsible and sustainable relationship with the world around us. Adopting the ... Group’s facilities in two years. Enablon- sustainability management platform The collection, verification ... annually. 2016 saw a decline in the number of market complaints accompanied by an increase in the figures in ...

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  8. Campari acquires Forty Creek Distillery Ltd.

    the high potential US market Gruppo Campari further premiumises its brand portfolio, driving richer ... the US Opportunity to improve Campari’s existing route-to-market in the brand’s key regions to efficiently achieve revenue synergies and growth acceleration, particularly in the US market Total purchase ...

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  9. is Now Live!

    as it evolved from an artisan’s workshop product to an international market leader in its category; ... about fun and socializing and to appreciate it to its fullest it is imperative to drink responsibly. “ Drink Responsibly ” features a series of small and user friendly suggestions to appreciate Campari in ...

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  10. Jacopo Borsa

    started my journey with Campari as an intern in trade marketing, and then joined the sales team. Then I moved to marketing again and became a brand manager. As a Group Brand Manager I am responsible for After ... strategic planning, brand review, market monitoring, product development and other activities, a good amount ...

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