Chief Executive Officer

bob_0.pngBob Kunze-Concewitz, an Austrian citizen, was born in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1967. After graduating from Hamilton College (USA) and obtaining an MBA from Manchester Business School, Bob joined Procter & Gamble, in marketing, where he occupied various positions of increasing responsibility within an international realm. Following numerous assignments in strategic planning and business ownership he became Corporate Marketing Director in the Global Prestige Products division. He joined Gruppo Campari as Group Marketing Director in October 2005 where he developed and implemented many new marketing strategies for the Group's international brands. In May 2007 he was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer.


Paolo Marchesini

Chief Financial Officer



Head of Global Product Supply Chain

Stefano Saccardi

General Counsel and Business Development Officer


Andrea Conzonato

Chief Marketing Officer


Sascha Cumia

Managing Director South America

franco peroni 

Managing Director Asia-Pacific

Gerry Ruvo

Chairman of Campari America

Andrea Montorfano

Managing Director Wines

Gilberto Nava

Head of Sales


Roberto Gollin

Head of IT

Stefan Jensen

Managing Director Central Europe

Jean Jacques Dubau

Managing Director North America

Fabio Di Fede

Managing Director International

Cesare Vandini

Managing Director Russia & Ukraine


Giorgio Pivetta

Head of Human Resources 


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